Bird Mancini

Bird Mancini

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston's Bird Mancini Band is a cosmopolitan fusion of blues-tinged rock, Latin-flavored bossa nova, country-folk balladry, and woolly psychedelia, with lush vocals, guitar, accordion, and a variety of percussion, bells and whistles. In recent years they’ve toured the West Coast and performed for the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Boston, NYC, and The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England.

Performs either as a 4 piece band or a duo.


"...a cosmopolitan fusion...pop music in the most adventurous, inclusive sense of the term." -The Boston Globe

"Bird Mancini is a melange of pop perfection, incorporating virtuoso musicianship, a knowledge of musical forms, and the smarts to deliver everything with joy and gusto!"  -The Noise

"Mesmerizing guitar stellar vocals Bird Mancini is clearly on to something special." -Metronome Magazine

"Big fun, good songs, strong harmonies, and rock solid musicianship."


BIRD MANCINI (Ruby Bird & Billy Carl Mancini), Boston's acclaimed accordion/guitar rock duo/band features eclectic and at times a bit psychedelic acoustic rock pop style with lush vocal arrangements, blues-tinged guitar, accordion, harmonica, and a variety of percussion, bells and whistles. If the occasion warrants, the duo also performs as a full band, adding Joel White on bass and Joe Jaworski on drums to the mix. In recent years they've toured the West Coast and performed for the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Boston, New York City and in Liverpool UK at The Cavern Club.  The band was nominated for a 2017 and 2018 New England Music Award in the "Best in State - Massachusetts" category.

Along with critical acclaim and an ASCAP/Boston Music Award nomination, Bird Mancini were twice named among the Top 10 Year's Best by New England's Metronome Magazine. They've opened for Leon Russell, David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), Joan Osborne, Gregg Allman, Jonathan Edwards, James Montgomery, The Stompers, The Outlaws, Mighty Sam McClain and the Pousette-Dart Band.

Gospel choirs in country churches and Kansas City blues and swing were Ruby Bird's early upbringing, while Billy Carl Mancini cut his guitar-playing teeth on high school rock and roll bands covering songs by 60's greats like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and the Stones. Their recordings have an astonishingly colorful says, "It's so refreshing to hear such great variety on every single track and with such consistency and quality."  As puts it, "Bird Mancini is likely to please a wide array of listeners."

Bird Mancini released it's 6th full length CD entitled "Dreams and Illusions" in 2018.


If You Wanna Get To Know Me

Written By: Ruby Bird

©R. Mason (aka Ruby Bird) Bonk Zone Music ASCAP

Verse I
You got to look good, like you know that you should
You got to act sharp, if you think that you could
You got to be proud, not just a face in the crowd
If you wanna….get to know me.

Verse 2
You got to aim high, don’t want nobody too shy
You got to walk tall, and baby give it your all
You got to step out, and show ‘em what it’s about
If you wanna…get to know me

If you wanna (if you wanna) get to know me (x4)

Don’t want nobody who’s a little too sweet
Get out of my kitchen if you can’t stand the heat
If you don’t cut it, honey, don’t waste my time
Cause only the qualified need apply

Repeat Verse I

Instrumental break………

Jet Setting in Morocco

Written By: Billy Carl Mancini

©B. Mason (aka Billy Carl Mancini) Bonk Zone Music ASCAP

Verse 1
Ooo, I’d love to make it big
And you know that I could dig
Jet setting in Morocco
Ooo, The stars are out tonight
And I hope I’m in their light
Jet setting in Morocco

Bridge 1
The beautiful people are everywhere
They’re wearing some flowers in their hair
And they’re so far above the street life
And they’re always doing what they feel like

Verse 2
Ooo, God help the little ones
They don’t know the feeling of
Jet setting in Morocco
Ooo, But the sequined goddesses
Wonder is this all there is
Jet setting in Morocco

Bridge 2
Pretty dollar signs can fill your eyes
And you will have the time to spend it right
You can spend your life believing lies
It’s so easy to jet set into the sky

Jet setting in Morocco----

(I Want My Own) Brian Epstein

Written By: Billy Carl Mancini

©B. Mason (aka Billy Carl Mancini) Bonk Zone Music ASCAP

I want my own Brian Epstein
Someone who will keep me in line
Like the tracks on the B&M line
To get me to my home

I want my own Brian Epstein
Someone to look after me
Someone who’ll be there for me
Whenever I’m alone

When the alarm clock rings I will roll back to my slumber
When the telephone rings I will leave it for another
Time to catch the midtown but I don’t recall the number
Time to meet an old friend, what’s her name, did I once love her?

Lately I feel so out of control
It’s a feeling that nobody knows
I can’t tell you, it doesn’t make sense
I thought I’d be somewhere besides this (by now)

I could write a story but I couldn’t be a reader
I could get religion but I wouldn’t hear the preacher
I could be a hippie but someone would steal my reefer
Find a girl to marry but I prob’ly couldn’t keep her

Oh oh oh
I want my own Brian Epstein
I need him to keep me in line
He might be a girl, it might be a boy, might be the Lord,
Might be this noise, might be this song, just string me along…
I want my I want my….
I want my own Brian Epstein to keep me in line

Til I Met Someone

Written By: Billy Carl Mancini

©B. Mason (aka Billy Carl Mancini) Bonk Zone Music ASCAP

I was a restless soul
Searching for something more
Each day I threw the dice
Each day was such a bore

‘Til I met somebody
‘Til I met someone
I was so, so lonely
I was so alone

Things never fell in place
I was a faceless face
Day by day and week by week
My life just seemed a waste

Now I feel like running out
And telling the world about it
This feeling will not burn out
I’m never gonna live without it
I have met someone

What Gets Me This Way?

Written By: Billy Carl Mancini

©B. Mason (aka Billy Carl Mancini) Bonk Zone Music ASCAP

Each and everyday
I thank the Lord above and pray
That we will stay together forever
And never roam and never stray

But when I look all around me
I wonder when trouble will find me (I wanna know)
Black clouds they start to surround me
What is it that gets me this way?

I've got a roof above my head
I've got some cash to slip through my hands
I'm not alone when I go to bed
My baby loves me, I know where I stand


Bridge 51

Written By: Billy Carl Mancini

©B. Mason (aka Billy Carl Mancini) Bonk Zone Music ASCAP

I’m riding just for the sake of today
I’ve seen some trouble along the way
Some people give up the journey too soon
Old roots can make a new flower bloom

On Bridge 51
There is a long way to fall
On Bridge 51
I’ll steer away from the siren’s call

I’m so glad I’ve got you to show me the way
Without you I’d probably lose my way
New highways will always be where we belong
It’s wide open, just like we’re twenty-one

On Bridge 51
There is a long way to fall
On Bridge 51
I’ll steer away from the setting sun

Bridge 51
I can see further than where I’ve gone
Bridge 51
I’m rolling over the horizon

You Don't Know What I'm Saying

Written By: Billy Carl Mancini

©B. Mason (aka Billy Carl Mancini) Bonk Zone Music ASCAP

When I met you
I thought that you were the girl of my dreams
But that aint true
Cause things aren’t always what they seem to be
And that don’t mean
That we can’t finish what we started to do
So casually
And I’m not trying to take advantage of you

You don’t know what I’m saying
You don’t know

Sometimes you love me, sometimes you don’t
Sometimes you’ll hold me, sometimes you won’t
Talk to the mirror, talk to the wall
What could be clearer, nothing at all

You’re a free girl
And I don’t wanna take that freedom from you
It’s a big world
I know there’s a million things that you wanna do
Let’s spend the night together
The air is cool and the lights are low
Tonight is not forever
And I’ve got time before I have to go

Because It's December

Written By: Bill Mason

©B. Mason Bonk Zone Music ASCAP

A winter day
The sky is standing still
The snow is grey
I think I need a pill
(Na na na…..) I’m sliding down the hill
(Na na na…..) I’ll climb back to the top

Because it’s December
I see your crooked smile
Because it’s December
The Savior is a child
Because it’s December
The sun is cold as ice
And now I remember
The headlights burning bright

I think I’ll stay
Like hibernating bears
Inside a cave
And dream away despair
The children’s cheery smiles
Will keep me for a while

The sky is standing still
I think I’ve caught a chill
But memories we share
Will wash away despair


Dreams and Illusions (2018) Full Length CD

"Dylanology-A Lowbudget Tribute To The Songs Of Bob Dylan" (2018)
Bird Mancini contributed two songs to this compilation:  "Gotta Serve Somebody" and "If Not For You"

"Loving The Aliens-A Lowbudget Tribute to David Bowie" (Various Artists) 2017
Bird Mancini contributed two songs to this compilation:  "Lady Stardust" and "Slow Burn"

"Christmas Is Happy (For Fortunate People)" 2016
-digital single release

"You Can't Always Want What You Get-A Lowbudget Tribute To The Stones" (Various Artists) 2016 
Bird Mancini contributed two songs to this compilation:  "Jumping Jack Flash" and "I Got the Blues"

Bird Mancini Lounge (2013)  Full Length CD

"Bubbles in the Think Tank Presents: Eponymously Entitled" (2013)
A compilation vinyl release that included the song "Solar Vinyl Compactor" by Mr. Curt / Bird Mancini. Released by BITTT radio show WMFO 91.5 FM

Tuning In/Tuning Out-Bird Mancini (2010)  Full Length CD

Across Their Universe: Lowbudget Records Does the Songs of The Beatles-Various Artists (2010)
Bird Mancini contributed the following songs:  "Don't Let Me Down/Sun King", "Birthday" and "A Day in the Life"

Funny Day-Bird Mancini (2007)  Full Length CD

Birds In The Attic-Bird Mancini Live DVD (2005)

Year Of Change-Bird Mancini (2004)  Full Length CD

Bird Mancini-Bird Mancini (2002)  Full Length CD

The Sky Blues of Boston Live-The Sky Blues (Early Bird Mancini) (1999)-Full Length CD

Pie In The Sky-The Sky Blues (Early Bird Mancini) (1996)  Full Length CD

Set List

We can do a whole night or just one set. You decide!
Depending on the venue, we may play all originals or throw in a few cover tunes if it's appropriate.

Here's a sample of cover songs we may perform: