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Statesboro, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Statesboro, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Check out BiRDPERSON's latest 'EP'"

The four band members of BiRDPERSON style themselves a “house rock” band. It’s a genre they made up, but it aptly describes both their style and conception.
“We live in a house together. We spent a lot of time together, and BiRDPERSON sort of happened out of that,” said guitarist Aaron Cooler, who might be considered the frontman of BiRDPERSON if the group did not share responsibilities and creative ownership so equally. “A lot of our lives kind of revolve around the community we’ve created: around our house, the people who come and the different characters and different experiences we have there.”
The alt-indie rock group played their first show in March of 2015 (at their house, or course), and BiRDPERSON officially was born. The group just celebrated their one-year anniversary with the release of their first-ever EP.
The release, which goes under the snarky title of “EP,” has four tracks, and Cooler said, “Honestly, all four songs are about girls." They are also, however, about “small-town college life,” about learning how to encounter and accept the world and the people in it.
It’s amazing that the four artists have managed to find unifying themes for their music when their own musical tastes are so wildly different. Cooler, a classically trained trombonist who “grew up” in Atlanta's punk scene, leans toward heavier rock, reggae and ska; drummer Wheeler Lovett prefers indie rock, with a background in both upright bass and bluegrass mandolin. As a bassist, Anthony McCleod naturally gravitates toward funk and R&B and, less naturally, heavy metal; and guitarist Trey Wilson fills in the band’s musical gaps with a general knowledge of rock and roll. Though the ensemble seems unlikely, Cooler says the four bandmates get along “weirdly well.”
And while their “house rock” setup might seem unconventional, it lends itself to an organic creative environment. The band rarely schedules writing sessions, instead pitching ideas to each other when they happen to run into each other between classes at Georgia Southern or their work schedules. The house is stuffed with instruments. The TV has hardly been turned on in weeks; when the band mates are not doing homework or taking care of other responsibilities, they spend their free time jamming. They don’t always get a lot of organic time with all four of them in the same room, but the free-wheeling, piecemeal fashion in which the songs are created seems to work for them.
BiRDPERSON takes a do-it-yourself approach to their musical production. All of their first copies of the self-produced EP were hand-burned, with handmade CD sleeves. And despite being a young band with great need for startup capital, BiRDPERSON released their EP under a “pay what you can” precedent.
For now, BiRDPERSON is promoting their first EP, getting it off the ground before turning to further creative pursuits. The band will be in Statesboro for at least another year and a half as all four members finish up their undergraduate degrees. There will be plenty of time to catch them in concert, but you can get a jump start on experiencing their music by checking out “EP,” which is available on Bandcamp and Spotify. - Connect Statesboro



self-released; 2016

3.4 out of 5

By Ted Rogen

Forming in early 2015 BiRDPERSON comprised of Aaron Cooler (vocals/guitars), Anthony Mcleod (bass/vocals), Trey Wilson (guitars/vocals) and Wheeler Lovett (drums/vocals) have already released some music. Their latest is a four-song EP which shows a young band still trying to find their niche while also displaying some potential.

The production and recording is around demo quality, arguably a bit higher. I heard some of the normal things you hear such as not enough separations, cymbals with too many high frequencies and vocals that could have been treated better. That being said you still get an idea of where the band is at and where their talents lie.

What do a bunch of young guys in their early 20’s have in common? It’s usually that all they can think about is members of the opposite sex and school. Hence, it makes sense that's what you would write songs about.

Things starts off with the upbeat and slightly funky indie rock song entitled “Days With Sun.” The instrumental work across the board is tight and I was impressed off the bat. I have to admit it took me a couple of spins to warm up to the lead vocals. Cooler doesn’t have golden pipes by any stretch but his singing works in the confines of garage rock. He sounds best when he is relaxed and does not stress his voice to the point where it becomes nasally.

“Tsunami” is the next song, which is fairly straight indie rock with no surprises. There is a stellar guitar solo which fades out the song and the guitar work in general is inventive. The beginning of “Bobby Moynihan” is tight. I enjoyed the unorthodox guitar and explosive drums and bass. They close with “Voyager” and Cooler changes his vocal style, which at times sounds eerily similar to Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’m not sure if any one noticed or what but it feels like a tip of the hat to Kiedis any way you look at it.

​The band's biggest strength is their technical ability along with having inspired moments of creativity. They still have a decent amount of work to do in regards to defining a unique sound but that's pretty much expected considering how long they have been together. - No More Division

"BiRDPERSON Wants to be Your Friend"

Growing up in my moderately small town, there weren’t a lot places for oddballs, outcasts and the odd men out to hang around and feel welcome. There was one place I recall fondly though- a musty, old, small theater in a shopping complex re-imagined as a venue for local bands. It was nothing extravagant; it was actually quite the opposite, but it was where me and so many other “weird” kids who has been cast aside spent so much of their teen years.

Everything about the place was at least a little off the mark of being “normal,” flattened and destroyed instruments were hung up on the walls, the snack bar menu consisted of nothing but grilled cheeses and Ramen for the most part, and even the owner was unusual in the best possible way. He tended to the troubled and lonely youth in a way I didn’t fully appreciate until that venue was taken away from us. When he would serve food, the only payment he ever required was to sing him a tune. It was small and dark and all sorts of strange, but it had a feeling of community I was unable to find again, that is until I met BiRDPERSON.
I came upon these fellows sort of by chance. I had a mutual friend and through a long shot asked him if they’d be interested in doing an interview. Well, they were and so we did. I didn’t take me long after meeting the guys to learn that they were the kind of people who seek to be friends, not foes. I was welcomed into their home, clearly that of a few musicians, and felt comfortable and completely welcome. I’d like to now tell you about the things I learned about BiRDPERSON, their music, and their hearts.
BiRDPERSON is an indie/alternative band based in Statesboro, Georgia. It consists of four agreeable, friendly dudes, Aaron the lead singer and guitarist, Wheeler on the drums, Trey on guitar and Anthony on bass. The guys all met through school, all brothers of the GSU music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha. They formed BiRDPERSON in early 2015, and since they have played about a dozen private and public shows and have become a favorite to many of the Statesboro locals. BiRDPERSON has a deep appreciation for their fans, and during my interview, Aaron had this to say about them, “We always try to put on a great show for our fans … Their support is why we’ve made it in this town.”

The guys aspire, with the help of their fans, to branch out and play shows in the surrounding areas such as Savannah, and even go out on the road with other bands to play with new people. A recurring theme I found throughout the interview with the BiRDs was that they care about community, and that is something that many people profoundly lack. They care about themselves succeeding, but they care about other bands succeeding as well. The local band scene in Statesboro is a strong knit community, always willing to help each other out. Music and community is something that is very important to the BiRDs, as it's something they've all been involved in since their youth and have loved ever since.

So, how did BiRDPERSON get their start playing shows in Statesboro? I never actually asked that question, strangely enough, but I got my answer after asking what the bands worst experience ever was. When I asked they laughed, smiled shyly and looked around at each other. I was entirely lost. "Should we tell him?"

They did. At the beginning of their career as a band, the BiRDs decided to throw a party and play for their friends at their home. Some grump decided that they didn't like it and ended up twisting the law in with it. By the time the ordeal was over, however, the notoriety from the event led directly to their very first legitimate gig.

I talked and hung out with the guys for over an hour, leaving feeling like I had genuinely made four new friends. They are all kind, enthusiastic, hard working guys who are proud and deserve to be proud of all the hard work they've put into BiRDPERSON. The BiRDs aspire to be accessible to everyone, any audience should be able to enjoy and appreciate their music and they will never discriminate.

One result of their hard work will actually become available to you soon. Their EP releases on Spotify, iTunes and all other digital platforms on Feb. 12 and includes their previously released single, "Bobby Moynihan." If you haven't listened to it yet, you should!

Before ending my interview with the BiRDs I asked them a question: "What do you guys want the readers to know about the band?" Their answer was shorter than I expected, but spoke volumes in six words about their characters. The quick, concise, and entirely sincere answer I received was: "BiRDPERSON wants to be your friend. We love you."

If you wanna learn more about BiRDPERSON, you can check out their SoundCloud, Facebook, and their Twitter! - The Odyssey Online


- EP - BiRDPERSON - Self Released - 2016 - Four tracks



There are four brothers who live together in a house in the sleepy college town of Statesboro, Georgia. Their main goal in life is to make music happen where there is none. They are BiRDPERSON, and since their founding in the middle of 2015, they have been steadily playing every backyard, garage, porch, living room, bar, and DIY space that will have them in their hometown of Statesboro, Georgia and on the road. They play songs with lyrics and feelings evocative of late 90's emo bands, with a tongue-in-cheek pop-punk center that never forgets to be fun, and when you add their strong prog-rock and math-rock influences and an ever-present music-school sensibility, you're left with a band whose quest to play for every possible human they can definitely won't be hindered by the lack of a unique sound. Their debut February 2016 release, an eponymous 4-track EP, announced their arrival as a band willing to put themselves out there, musically and emotionally, by exploring themes of love, loss, anxiety, and small-town life while also completely creating every aspect of the physical release on their own. From recording the songs in the recording studio of the college they all attend together, to printing, cutting, folding, burning and distributing every copy of the CD themselves, BiRDPERSON is a band that has been DIY-driven since their first release and plan to keep that aesthetic strong in their music and ideology. The coming months have big things in store for these young, independent Statesboro rockers, with their series of extremely popular house shows that they host continuing to bring in bigger and bigger names AND crowds, and with them making preparations to go into the studio to record their next, currently untitled EP. BiRDPERSON is a group of four extremely dedicated young musicians; dedicated to perfecting their craft, their playing, their songs, and their stage show, but more importantly, dedicated to bringing music and kindness to every person that they encounter.

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