Birds Drop Bombs not Feathers

Birds Drop Bombs not Feathers


Cinematic, Atmospheric, Progressive rock,with a strong emphasis on melody. Literate ,cerebral lyrics, accompanied by cognitive streaming emotionally charged music, that weaves in and out of juxtaposed movements, and gets driven home with a comprehensive dose of hardcore, body wrenching beats.


So it’s been a little over two years now since the official formation of the band, which started in February 2006. The story so far is much like a tour, complete with lows and highs, disappointment, happiness, hard work, and fun. One thing has remained constant and still growing to this day, and that is the passion and dedication that every single member of this band throws into our music.
For the bands first show we only had 3 songs, but the result was a decent reception and instant addiction to performance and playing. After about 5 local shows we got the opportunity to play a show in Sarasota (mini tour). We would soon discover the unpredictable nature of life outside the band and its consequent impact on our music. At the time most everyone in the band was going through troubles at home. (You know the clichéd Dad hates the noise, and “What are you doing with your lives? routine) On the way there, our ride, (A Ford Focus) which was a packed to incredible human discomfort gave out on us around Naples; the first of many car troubles. Barely 100 miles from home, we were forced to beg friends to come out and get us to our destination.
Time was running out, and we managed to get to the show literally 1 minute before we were set to come on. However things were not good after this.

Our guitarist 'Jason' moved to Tampa, and our drummer 'Robb' was evicted from his house after an altercation with his dad. Our old Bass player at the time found an alternative to music in his girlfriend and moved up to Gainesville with her. So the drummer 'Robb' and i the singer 'Jarrod' were left as a two-piece determined never to give up even if we were homeless, and moneyless, and without fellow musicians.

It’s taken a while to get things fixed up, but with the right dedication and a ruthless determination we did it. It took a little over a year, sleeping on benches in parks, and sacrificing things like having a life, going out on weekends, girlfriends, love, health, and a fallback plan that would hold the solution to all of life’s problems; all that went out the window in an attempt to get back on our feet. We moved into a house in Ft Lauderdale, and played and practiced and wrote every single day.
Around March of 2007 our old guitarist called us up and informed us that he was leaving college, to come back to South Florida to do the band thing, whatever it takes. He found a job and joined in the struggle. We shopped around friends and myspace and ‘wanted adds’ to find a bassist, and found 'John', a great friend and fantastic bass player. Eventually the whole band was back on its feet, with more dedication and ideas and plans for the future than ever before, not to mention talent and determination in doing what we all love to do. During all this time, the only thing we had still going for us was our music, and we had been coming up with a fantastic arsenal of songs, expanding our sound, and musical direction.

In Early January 2008, we went into the studio to record a 5 song demo, and started gigging frequently. 2008 has been filled with shows, and meeting new and awesome people, as well as growing our fan base substantially. Playing an average of 6 shows a month now, the band is picking up its pace, and working on new quality recordings.
With so much behind us, and so much to look foward to, who knows how far this will take us, but one this is a constant. We will never give up making great music, and finding ways to play.


Dancing On the Knife Edge of Symmetry

Written By: Jarrod Dinwoodie

Step 1 step 3
She’s dancing with me.
Slow it down on the inside
2 steps 4ward
2wards me
Please just give me these 5 seconds to feel
That the next complex 6 beats
Will bleed into an eternity.
So smooth
Unlike the jarring
That rattled my head
oh god
Give me just one last breath
The smell of your hair
Of orange and rain.
Don’t let them see me hit the ground
Hold onto this life, to every sight and sound
Unpleasant paradise constantly putting me down
This traffic jam, full of flash colors and blood
You said, you’d stay beside me
(I keep a pocket book full of facts, fiction and truths)
when always say I’ll get better soon.
(It says nobody knows you like I know you)
Why don’t you unplug me.
(and you tell yourself, it’s easier sometimes I guess just to give up)
I’m sorry
I never meant to lose you”.

Pressed against stairs.
I’m willing my arms to work
You’re always so easily delighted with words.
When i’m just lying here.
Lying .
From this panicked disease
It has riddled me.
Rendered my body to the flies and the fleas

It’s all I have left.
When all passions gone.
So take this rest

When the pressure is building up
Blood clots have blotting out.
And all that remains of me now is just this fucking shell
All that’s left for you.
Is She said love

Your shoulders are always bent forwards
Bent from the burden on you.
A shaking hand that extends
to meet me halfway
and this image will always stay
in my head.
You said ‘love,
Fuck you

A Time Set Reminder

Written By: Jarrod Dinwoodie

Last Friday I notice the seems of society
Unstitching before me
And you
You came before me.
Under bridges the crumpling blocks of concrete
Are piling up
And hundreds warm themselves by barrels of amber coal.
This winter is colder than the last
I heard them screaming
I stood there whispering, and
Warned myself about pressing close to you
And warmed myself
With open hands and Flu.
Cardboard Boxes
Pile up
And the Pigeon Population Crashes.
Knotted comfort rests upon my head
(Garbage bags are used to keep me dressed)
Taped plastic wrap to cover insect bites
(We sleep at day because it’s cold at night)
Razor blades and broken shards of glass
(protect brown paper bags, and shopping carts.)
I talk to myself to keep the people out.
(While Cigarettes burn seconds into hours).

Long White
Nicotine. Candle like/
Flames rise against skin,
Resonate through my jaw again.
Grinding teeth, the
Crushed enamel irritates me.

And we opt, , just to move forward
But get lost, get lost in the subsequent flow.
Don’t stop, don’t stop if you think its worth it
To wait in line, alone.

Use Paraffin to light up my nights.
And staring at you is to line up the signs
That the chemistry’s incomplete
That when I fell asleep at your feet.
I woke up in a Box.


5 song Demo.

Set List

+_ 45 min set. (comprised of new and in production songs, as well as songs off the demo.

1. Berieshis
2. With This Gun Barrel between your teeth, you speak only in vowels.
3. A Time Set Reminder
4. This song has been deleted by Artist
5. The Exquisite Corpse with Drink the new wine
6. Dancing on the Knife Edge of Symmetry
7. Wrath Amon