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Birds Of Tokyo


Birds of Tokyo are an independent rock band from Perth, Western Australia. Armed with 2 albums, they recently smashed Australia with the sophomore release UNIVERSES which debuted at #3 in the AUS charts & the singles receiving high rotation on national radio. The album has since reached GOLD Status


While most bands these days tend to wait a couple of years in-between albums,
BIRDS OF TOKYO’s methodology is more in keeping with the greats of rock’n’roll than keeping up with the Joneses.

So, less than 16-months after their stunning independent debut, Day One,
BIRDS OF TOKYO are about to present UNIVERSES – their breathtaking and still proudly independent follow-up album.

“If it was good enough for The Beatles and Johnny Cash to release a couple of albums per year, then it’s definitely good enough for us,” laughs Adam Spark, the band’s guitarist, songwriter and producer.

And right he is. Though some things have changed over the years, BIRDS OF TOKYO have been smart enough to avoid trends, instead focusing on what seems to be a long-lost strategy: write great songs, then put them out. Seems simple really.

So, striking while the iron is hot, BIRDS OF TOKYO have wasted no time in writing great songs and putting them out… and if you thought their debut turned some heads, then UNIVERSES will just about break necks.

Darker than its older brother, but no less focused on razor sharp pop hooks, UNIVERSES is BIRDS OF TOKYO in full flight. Inspired by the runaway success the past year has blessed them with, the band are energised to an unbelievable level. Hell, according to Spark, they’ve already started writing their third album!

But let’s not worry about that just yet… there are more important matters at hand.

Recorded in a remote location in Western Australia’s renowned Margaret River region, UNIVERSES is an absolute flex of creative muscle. Though it builds upon the strengths already laid out in Day One, UNIVERSES is all about songs. The production might be bigger, heavier and more bombastic, but at the heart of the album is the band’s unarguable ability to write tunes that have an almost universal appeal.

To add the finishing touches, BIRDS OF TOKYO enlisted Tim Palmer – one of the few men whose mixing skills command the right blend of crunching fidelity and day-dreamy minimalism to make UNIVERSES come to life the way the band envisioned from the beginning. The man behind the more beautiful mixes of U2, The Cure and Pearl Jam – Palmer was an essential addition to the BIRDS OF TOKYO team.

“We didn’t want to dress the songs up in that big ‘American’ sound,” reveals Spark. “We just wanted to give every instrument its own unique space so the songs could breathe and come to life.”

Which is a great way to describe the album’s lead single, Silhouettic… alive.

Indicative of the album’s energetic feel (but by no means a template in itself), Silhouettic sees a band full of confidence. A more detailed trip through UNIVERSES, however, reveals much more than just a knack for writing singles.

Without spoiling anything for you, UNIVERSES is BIRDS OF TOKYO’s creative pinnacle.
At least thus far. Flowing like a well-written book, the album travels in many directions and heads down many paths, from the up-beat and immediate Broken Bones – set to become UNIVERSES’ second single, to the delicate and tender The Baker’s Son…
BIRDS OF TOKYO’s most innovative and capturing musical epic to date.

To call it a journey might be a bit wanky, but to call it anything else might be inaccurate.

As they always do, though, BIRDS OF TOKYO would prefer to have you figure it out on your own… on your own terms, and at your own leisure.

It’s the only way to go.



Written By: Birds of Tokyo

Show me what it means, sure I'm dying to know
Do I take a hit to the heart, should I let bleeding wounds weep.
Silhouette a perfect scene, flavour of the month is nothing new to me
and you could always be never to far from me.

Always on the same page?
I'm not sure we are.

There goes my baby.
She's gotta know that when the red light's on there's noone at home.

Pick and pull apart leaving me split at the seams.
I'm saying if you want blood you'll never get a drop out of me.
So what is it you don't understand?
Showing no proof in your plans.
This pain won't end and this heart ache still rises.

Always on the same page?
I'm not sure we are.

There goes my baby.
She's gotta know that when the red light's on there's noone at home.

Broken Bones

Written By: Birds of Tokyo

Salut the army at hells hand, salute the reasons why.
My conscience it weights me with five a side I'll never get out.
I'll never make my stand.

And when I awake, I'm not about to listen to them for I can't wait.
It's not about me.

Stare down the longest line - of course this is falling apart.
You fooled me like a rat trapped baited but I refused to bite.
I'm shell shocked and I've lost my sight, but I can still hear you calling me.

And when I awake, I'm not about to listen to them for I can't wait.
I'm not about to listen too.

I'm on a highway that leads to the end.

These broken bones, this busted smile. My head it hurts I should be leaving now.
I hear your words, they call my name
I won't go back you must be out of your head.


Independent through MGM Distribution
Produced by Birds of Tokyo
Mixed by Tim Palmer
Debuted #3 on the ARIA charts
Debuted #2 on the iTunes charts
Debuted #1 on the AIR charts
The first single SILHOUETTIC received high-rotation on Triple J (national Aus radio) and is the 5th most played song this year to date.
Second single BROKEN BONES was the #4 most added song to ALL radio in Australia week commencing July 21.
Certified GOLD STATUS in Australia January 2009

RELEASE DATE: February 2007
Independent through MGM Distribution
DAY ONE sold out of stock in its first week of sale and 4 singles enjoyed high rotation air-play.

RELEASE DATE: October 2005
Independent through MGM Distribution

Set List

No covers - No filler

Uno (Intro Music)
Broken Bones
Wild Eyed Boy
Black Sheets
Like Rain
Armour For Liars
Ode To Death
Get Out
Train Wrecks
Head In My Hands
White Witch
Off Kilter