Birds Stealing Bread

Birds Stealing Bread


Birds Stealing Bread is a group of passionate young songwriters and artists, coming together to display the most lethargic demonstrations of zeal and passion by slapping strings, and yodeling hymns and love songs...


We'll update this soon :)


We are currently recording our first album, and hope to have it out sooooon! A few singles we've had in the past are "Let It Go", and "As You Seem". And our new Youtube singles include "Red Sea" and "A Rock Named Peter".

Set List

We have a rather large repetoir, so we usually pick randomly from that. A few of our songs include: Flood, Let It Go, Caliber, As You Seem, Moved By Pictures, Red Sea, A Rock Named Peter, Be It So Far, Red End, If I Loved You More, Hurts To Know, The Sea, Jesus For President, Hello Hello I Know Your Demon, Nina, Happier Days Are Coming Soon, Oh My Soul, Hands, and several others. Those are our originals. If we were to do a cover, it would most likely be Say It Ain't So by Weezer.