Bird With No Legs

Bird With No Legs


Bird With No legs combines a vibrant sound of appalachia folk with soulful melodies to provide songs reminiscent of a good cup of coffee and world travels. Their energetic sound goes to the depth of the soul and to the tops of mountains.


Bird with no legs combines the well seasoned song writing of Hannah Curtis with rich, deep vocals that draw out lines of the human expierience and longing for life. Jon Kliegle is a musical mastermind who can drop melodies like a magician. Perfectly placed and perfectly timed. There is never a cheap lyric or melodic short cut when it comes to Bird With No Legs Music. Casey Ellis provides a constant groove with the banjo, nicely accenting the folky style of the band. Bird With No Legs came together in the fall of 2007 and since has played around their home of Asheville, NC. They are currently recording their debut album with the release projected to be in the summer of 2008.



Written By: Hannah Curtis

Home is a place
Not easily forgotten
Home is a place
That can turn your heart to stone
(Verse 1)
Look at me in the eye
When you speak this time
I hate to see denial on your face
in the night
This ground is full of my blood
And sweat and tears and prayers
Running from a secret place Inside
I Can no longer bear
(Verse 2)
We did our best
To put away the past
Lock those demons up
Somewhere in our heads
But did you see the nights I spent
With ciggarettes in shaking hands
I drank red wine in the bed
Just to, Forget about you
I'm leaving
Can you forgive me?
I'm leaving
Can you forget me?


Bird With No Legs debut album is set to be released in Summer 2008.

Set List

Bird With No Legs' current repetoire is made up of completely original songs. They are prepared to play hour to hour and a half sets.
Land That I Come From
The Rains Came Down
Stranger To Me Yet
Shake Me
Lover of Mine
Fire and Wine
Jesu Christo