Birgit Kuit

Birgit Kuit

 Port Alberni, British Columbia, CAN

Music that is pure and honest and thank fully free of cynicism in a world that needs more hope. It makes you feel glad to be alive.


Birgit offers a sweet balance of worldy wisdom, romantic flair and social insight and inspiration very ably delivered by one of the finest female singers you will have heard in a whild. Her expressive vocals embrace the touch and technique of a wide range of artists--from Fleetwood Mac's more acoustic leanings to traces of Shaun Colvin, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins. Likewise, Birgit's inventive guitar work is also exceptionaly melodic, accurage and percussively precise.


CD-Running with the Wolves
CD-Raising Thunder
CD (release date: Dec 2009) I Feel A RIVER