Bishop Don

Bishop Don

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The rambunctiousness of punk, the searing guitar solos of classic rock, and the bass heavy grooves of alternative, played behind lyrics of poetry and rebellion. Bishop Don is a great live band that loves interacting with the crowd. Their rock anthems have real potential for radio popularity.


Bishop Don's music harnesses the rambunctious nature of punk and the searing guitar lines of classic rock. The bass-heavy alternative grooves, played under the spirit of story-telling troubadours like Dylan or Springsteen, leave critics pleasantly intrigued.

After loading up on jazz, Brazilian samba, flamenco, blues and rigorous music theory courses at the Berkley College of Music in Boston, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Blair Crimmins arranged the tools to get the music out of his head and in to your ears.

While they have opened for some National acts (Urge Overkill & Kevn Kinney), Bishop Don's headlining shows draw great audiences at respected music venues such as Smith's Olde Bar, the Earl, The Georgia Theater and the Tribeca Rock Club. Each member of Bishop Don contributes their own energetic presence to the stage, making memorable performances, all circumstances aside. The band has performed on FOX Good Day Atlanta and will be playing 99X Unplugged in the Park.

Not long after the band settled on a title for the latest record, That Should Heal Nicely, front-man, Blair Crimmins suffered serious head injuries resulting from late night skateboarding. Lying in the hospital, Crimmins was unable to hear out of his right ear but was determined to stay on schedule recording the album immediately after his release. In the weeks following, Crimmins along with bassist Jesse Cole, keyboardist Brent Sandel and drummer Cliff Losee, kept their noses to the grindstone and finished the Atlanta band's latest studio effort. With Blair fully recovered, he ponders the album title. "It's so disturbingly prophetic to start the album with the words, 'How many fingers am I holding up?' about someone who just ate pavement!"

The CD features guest appearances, including the legendary Mark Van Allen (Blueground Undergrass, the Indigo Girls, Sugarland) laying down some sweet pedal steel on "Passed Around," an acoustic ballad, signaling a slight departure for the band from their usual raw guitar rock sound and concludes the album on a note of shrewd sincerity. Also making an appearance on the album is Nashville songbird, Lindsay Wojcik, singing a duet with Crimmins on “Wasted Day".

With all recovery and ironic incidents behind them, their new album That Should Heal Nicely is ready to be heard. These thirteen tracks are a sonic entrancing string of impetuous rock and sincere ballads. All of which, have their own unique signature of dark wit and style.


That Should Heal Nicely - LP - 2007

Set List

Setlists vary, original music. Short half an hour sets to full 2 set shows with over 2 hours of music.