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Bishop Mane

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Great independent artist love being in touch with my fans and love goin beyond and doing what most artist are scared to do in this industry. I capture crowds with my life story and blow them away with the level of energy i have on and off stage and if i could some all this up in one word Mind blowin


Artist Bishop Mane also known as Marteze Whiteside grew in a small town of Mississippi. Bishop Mane started writing music at the early age of 8, being influenced by legends such as Tupac, Bone Thugs, Triple Six Mafia, and Too Short. By the time Bishop reached the 7th grade he had mastered his style of rap with catchy hooks and heavy punch lines that told the story of his life and coming up in a lower class family. Bishop Mane signed his first deal with an independent label By the name of Black Ceza Ent. where he dropped his first song " Brush Em Off " the song didn't get very much publicity on the radio but he did open up for such artist as: Playa Fly, Gansta Blac,and a couple local artist from his surrounding area. Bishop Mane later dropped the label because of lack of pay for several shows he did with the label. Bishop then took things in his own hands and started recording himself in his bedroom equipped with enough hardware to get his voice heard Bishop Mane dropped numerous songs which to include "They Be Choosing" Which went viral on YouTube. By the end of Bishop's first year of college he had performed at over 90 venues and pushed 50,000 copies of his first mix tape title " Porno Music." Tragedy struck the young artist again when his apartment was broken into stealing all his recording equipment, but this didn't stop the highly motivated artist from getting his voice heard. Bishop took time off from music and joined the U.S. Army a year 10 months later the self proclaimed Lyrical Beast is back with a vengeance this time with all the knowledge to carry himself in a diverse industry the 22 year old rapper is now located in the base of the rocky mountains of Colorado Springs were he is now making a name for himself capturing crowds with his catchy hook and ole school new schoool vibes that tell about his life, his struggle, and how he able to do what it is he does. When we asked Bishop, " Does he see himself on top of the BillBoards soon " he simply replied " No Doubt there's no way around it I done came to far not too!"


Still Shining

Written By: Bishop Mane produce by Suru Beats

Still shining

Grind mode on it never go off cause I'm hustla shawty I take no days off like a kid In the morning you know I gotta floss dats why I hustle hard and play my fukin part cause the nigga's in tha game shif so hide ur fukin cards and I be dame if I let the rookies leave me in da dark cause I'm a self made business man with a plan plus I'm educated dats why u suckaz hate it cause I'm makin it you fakin it you in da game but still a lame I took tha shot you still at I'm aim I'm transforming you still da same I'm out da hood I'm living take something I wish you would best ta get dat understood dat Bishop Mane run da game and I never been a lame so keep your hatin its motivatin to keep me moving toward dese mills move my fam towards da hills couldn't imagine in 100 yrs im step away from a deal so keep da fakin Imma keep it real I'll holla you homie when I'm da hills

Grind hard is key shine bright thats me and if you thankin Imma fall keep waiting keep waiting G I shine yr around I grind in every town and every time I hit tha stage yea I put it down I'm something like tupac my fan love my sound I got da game on lock and I'm still underground I'm digging my way up to the top is were I'm headed now and even if you had me by the legs you couldn't hold me down cause I'mma shake it imma break It give me my spot or Imma take it give me my thrown and my crown dnt you love to hate me cause you cnt rap off in ur town cause I cam and shut it down now you frown when I'm around told u, cnt hold me down cause im the realist I'm the trillest and if you listen you'll fell this bishop mane and I be the fukin illest that this game will eva see that this game will Eva meet and Imma keep hustling hard till they bury me 6 feet

I was always told you gotta work to eat so I'm pulling overtime cause I'm hungry G I'm tryna get my pocket fat Im talkin racks on racks and I hear my haters talkin so I just push em bak cause if I fall today I know they will love dat thats why I use my head for more than a hat rack and I invest my money in more than a dro sack cause Imma tycoon I aint got no time for that I flip my money then double dat den hit the web and triple dat I want it all and that's a fact I know I shall work hard for that I put my sweat in track dnt call if It aint about ah stack
Wanna book a show Imma need half of that cause u know I'm boomin track for track my flow is addictive like powder packs so turn me up to the max watch me spit these proven fact that's sumthing that the industry lack so I'm here to bring the real bak Imma let the hook speak on that

Bishop Mane


Still shining Produced by Suru Beats