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Nanuet, New York, United States | SELF

Nanuet, New York, United States | SELF
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"Youth Rap Talent Of The Week: 15-Year-Old Spittin Bars Over Classic Mos Def Beat!"


"Music: November Tracklust – Movembers Movonly"

Welcome back! I’m so excited to bring these tracks. This month is about quality over quantity. Less is more. So in that spirit let me give my welcome note:

Cold Weather, pumpkins, Sandy, Charity tash, Obama.

Now onto the music! - Mark Matanes (RAMP.IE.COM)

"Video Of The Day: Bishop Nehru “Light Leak$”"

This is refreshing. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who is starting to believe our youth is contributing to the crappy music being made at an outstanding rate. Not saying crappy music didn’t exist when I was a teenager (No Limit and Ying Yang Twins are the first things that come to mind). Light Leaks is the second release off of the 15 year old rising star, Bishop Nehru’s, tape titled “A Fre$h $tart”. Last time a 15 year old blew up on youTube it was Soldier Boy…Fortunately, Bishop Nehru is nothing like that kid. Keep your eyes peeled, there’s hope yet! - THE NEO REVIVALIST

"Bishop Nehru “Light Leaks” (Official Video)"

Here is the latest video from “Bishop Nehru” titled “Light Leaks”..…Hope you enjoy courtesy of Aqui esta el video mas reciente de “Bishop Nehru” titulado “Light Leaks”.…Disfrutenlo corte... - DJROBHILLNYC

"Mixtape: Bishop Nehru - Nehruvia"

NYC: The message & flow is so refreshing it's hard to believe this cat is only 16!!! Bishop Nehru has finally released his highly anticipated mixtape "Nehruvia". Stand out track is "Light Leakquot;. The 16 year old Rapper/Producer/Director has tracks produced from himself, J.Dilla, Ghost McGrady MF DOOM, etc. - -babyfacemonster (

"Bishop Nehru - Nehruvia"

I received a real positive reaction to my post last week about Bishop Nehru so I hope you guys will enjoy his mixtape "Nehruvia" that dropped today. This kid is only 16 years old and is extremely lyrically gifted. Here's the free download, but if you want to support, you can donate any amount on his bandcamp below.

"Bishop Nehru - Golden Era"

Bishop Nehru's an upcoming artist from Rockland County, NY. He's only 16, but has incredible presence and lyrical ability way beyond his years. His first full project is coming out on Nov. 13th called Nehruvia. It's going to be amazing and will definitely skyrocket his hype. Expect big things. Check out the song "Golden Era" below, which is one of the tracks that didn't even make the upcoming project. -

"New Mixtape | Bishop Nehru Nehruvia"

Check out the new Mixtape from the 16 year old sensation, straight out of the Gr845. Bishop Nehru drops “Nehruvia” and with a lot of buzz surrounding him already; 1,700 downloads; the streets are starting to hum - IArtistWeb

"Mixtape of the Day: Bishop Nehru – “Nehruvia”"

New Yorks own Bishop Nehru has finally released his highly anticipated mixtape “Nehruvia”. The 16 year old Rapper/Producer/Director has tracks produced from Himself, J.Dilla, Ghost McGrady, MF DOOM and Various other Producers. This 12 track project is 40 Minutes of rhymes, skits and dope beats with features from The Bakers Clubs own Raz Fresco and fellow Prime Society member Que Hampton (Who’s project should be out soon as well.) This mixtape is available for download on MediaFire, and various other file sharing sites. So sit back, relax, and roll one to this dope as tape. - UrbanSpiritz

"Bishop Nehru – Nehruvia Mixtape *Download*"

I posted a couple of VIDEOS videos from this kid a lil while back and here is the official release for it. Ill let them explain. Its pretty dope, I cant lye.

“New Yorks own Bishop Nehru has finally released his highly anticipated mixtape “Nehruvia” The 16 year old Rapper/Producer/Director has tracks produced from Himself, J.Dilla, Ghost McGrady MF DOOM and Various other Producers. This 12 track project is 40 Minutes of rhymes, skits and dope beats with features from The Bakers Clubs own Raz Fresco and fellow Prime Society member Que Hampton (Who’s project should be out soon as well.) This mixtape is available for download on MediaFire, and various other file sharing sites. So sit back, relax, and roll one to this dope as tape? - Jayles (

"Bishop Nehru – Nehruvia (Mixtape)"

Bishop Nehru – Nehruvia
Mixtapes — 12 December 2012

Bishop Nehru is someone my good friend Walter Flores put me on with. Bishop Nehru has released a dope mixtape “Nehruvia” that i find amazing to the extent. The 16 year old Rapper/Producer/Director has tracks produced from Himself and Various other Producers such as, J.Dilla, and Ghost McGrady MF DOOM. This mixtape is fulfill with dope rhymes and lifestyles. Download and listen, it’s worth it! - Carlos H (

"Bishop Nehru – Nehruvia (Mixtape)"

New mixtape from the homie Bishop Nehru, who’s only 16 years old. I dig seeing good young talent like this man. Check it out. - DeeRok

"Bishop Nehru (@BishopNehru) – Light Leaks (Video)"

16 Year old rapper Bishop Nehru recently released the official visuals for his his track, Light Leaks. This kid is insanely talented for being so young. I can see him him being extremely successful in the music business. #Salute - J Chap

"Bishop Nehru"

Well, It appears that throw back steez is really catching on. Which for us old heads, is a welcomed trend. Joey Bada$$ is really the poster child for the movement as of right now, you had to figure it would catch on at some point. Enter 16 year old NY spitter Bishop Nehru. Nehruvia really goes the same direction that Joey went, but really your not going to hear many complaints of saturation of this nostalgic style from me. For such a young kid, that has obviously done his home work on the 90's NY hip hop it is breath of fresh air to hear a new material that brings back those early memories to us older heads...& hopefully gets the younger heads to dig into the older releases. - That Bulletproof Saint (The Milk Crate Blog)

"Download Bishop Nehru "Nehruvia" (Mixtape)"

The young generation is on the march and in densely downstream to Joey Bada $ $ will now another talent with sharp lyrics and ninety fragrant production; Bishop Nehru. With new mixtape "Nehruvia" we must take note of the sound images signed J.Dilla, Ghost McGrady MF DOOM and more. 16-year old from New York is not just a rapper but also produces himself and directs his own music videos. - Kingsize Magazine

"Exposure: Bishop Nehru| The 405"

Name: Bishop Nehru
Location: Rockland County, NY
Genre: Hip Hop
For Fans of: Tribe Called Quest / Victor Vazquez
Website: Soundcloud

On the up, this multitalented 16 year old producer, beatmaker, mic wrecker is prepping for his debut release, 'NEHRUVIA'. Hyper-tight ciphers over half asleep beats are the new definition of dope. Bishop Nehru is my new dope dealer. This brings a recharged focus onto lyrical ability and styled quality content and Bishop is a human assembly line of sound production. Soon will be the day when you'll hear this name being dropped alongside other God- Mic legends like KRS One & Nas. - @INDIEandaJONEZ

"New Music: Bishop Nehru — “Light Leak$”"

He might have an unusual name, but who are we to judge. All we can say is this yung’n can spit. Straight outta New York, Nehru is even younger than Joey Bada$$, clocking in at 15 years-old, and although we were hesitant at first he proved us wrong. Maybe we’ve entered the age of rap prodigy’s because it seems like the talent just keeps getting younger. Now that I think about it, watching some babyfaced battle rappers could be fun. Listen first, judge second. - Lauren Schwartzberg

"Dope Drops Exclusive Interview with Bishop Nehru"

Yesterday we(and Worldstarhiphop) posted this video, from 15 year old up and coming rapper Bishop Nehru, this kid has been putting in work for a while now and is just now starting to get some very well deserved recognition. So we decided to catch up with the kid, and interview him about his life, his thoughts, and most of all his music.

Dope Drops: Explain to the people who you are(Where you’re from,how old you are, etc)?

Bishop Nehru: Im Bishop Nehru, A 15 year old Rapper/Producer/Director/Anything else you could think of. New York is my home and thats about it.

Dope Drops: You used to be Kile Kanvas right? Why did you change that?

Bishop Nehru: Yea, I did, I did. The whole reasoning behind the name change was, the name Kile Kanvas really didnt have to much meaning to me, you know? I wanted a name with a purpose you know like Ice Cube and his name,and that whole Album was still me trying to find who I was as an artist and learning the sampling and mixing parts of music.

Dope Drops: Thats dope, what does the name Bishop Nehru mean to you?

Bishop Nehru: Bishop – (Meaning the character from Juice) Basically was the person who took what he wanted rather than waiting for it to come to him. Nehru – Is the last name of the Prime Minister of India he worked with Ghandi and the whole peace movement they were working with at that time

Dope Drops: You seem to really look up to Tupac

Bishop Nehru: Love him, Biggest inspiration. He’s honestly like the father I never met.

Dope Drops: Who are some of your other musical inspirations?

Bishop Nehru: Pharrell, Eminem, Kanye, Tyler, the Creator, Nas, MF DOOM, and believe it or not Raz Fresco.

Dope Drops: Raz Fresco is tight, what made you want to rap and make beats?

Bishop Nehru: Well, rapping i’ve been doing it since the 2nd grade so its always been apart of me, Honestly Romeo and Bow Bow were my two biggest inspirations back then because they were young so it gave me hope to write. Producing wise ever since my mom purchased Pharrells “In My Mind” i’ve loved beats but I never really got into making my own untill I was like 12 and I heard “Crank That” by Soulja Boy I tried to remake it in FL Studio I was succesful and I knew if I could do that I could make my own.

Dope Drops: Your first tape Kanvas was tight, what’s changed since then musically? and what can we expect from your next tape?

Bishop Nehru: Preciate it man, Although I really dont like that tape at all. But um on my next tape EVERYTHING is different. The vibe, Lyrics, Beats, and wordplay. As far as expectations you should expect the best becauase that what im putting into it.

Dope Drops: How far do you see yourself going with this music thing?

Bishop Nehru: To the top, If I didnt see myself going anywhere else. This whole thing would be pointless. I see myself being remembered as either “The Changer” or “The Bad Guy”

Dope Drops: How tight was it to see your self on worldstar

Bishop Nehru: That shit was incredible dog. The story is actually pretty funny.

Dope Drops: How did it happen?

Bishop Nehru: Well, I had submited the video but oddly enough they said I had to pay to get it on or something. So I just let it go. So now its like 6AM me and my homie are on Xbox playing MW3 and he asked if I wanted Mcdonalds, So i told him come get me and we went or whatever. So I come back inside and decide to check my twitter mentions and all i see is “Shout out to @BishopNehru for his WSHH vid” and “15 Year old blahh blah blah” So I go on worldstar and im like OH shit thats me, First thing I did was hugged my mom.

Dope Drops: Man thats tight, how does she feel about your music career?

Bishop Nehru: I mean she, knows of it and she’s supportive but she wants me to take the school route. I’m not really that type of guy though. So she tries to stay back. My father on the other hand he’s the type that wants to be 100 percent involved and I try and tell him like stay back I want to do this myself but of course he doesnt listen. It’s kind of annoying that he doesnt respect what I say. But it’s whatever fuck it.

Dope Drops: Will smith said it best “Parents just dont understand”. So its summertime, whats your favorite thing about this season?

Bishop Nehru: 110 percent no school, Not because I dont like the academics but because it gives me more time to work on my music.

Dope Drops: What are some of your favorite movies to watch?

Bishop Nehru: Good question, haha. I could literally go on for days. Superbad,Harold and Kumar: GTWC, EFGB, Scary Movie 2 Pineapple Express, Anything with Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill Will Ferrell Movies. Anythng will Martin Lawrence or Will Smith. I have alot more but ill stop there

Dope Drops: Are there any projects from other artists that you are looking forward too?

Bishop Nehru: Im looking forward to Dime Don’s “La Mafia” Raz Fresco’s “PABLO” Chief Keef’s “Finally Rich” 2Chainz “Based on a T.R.U story” and ASAP Rockys “LongLiveASAP” I know im forgetting something lol

Dope Drops: Any last words for out readers?

Bishop Nehru: I appreciate all you guys reading this, be on the look out for my debut album “A Fre$h $tart.” Follow me on twitter @BishopNehru for updates, much love - Spock


Single- Light Leak$
Single- Her Ballad
Mixtape- Nehruvia November 13th Release Date



Bishop Nehru is a 16 year old rapper/producer/video director and editor from Rockland County, NY. Bishop Nehru is a passionate emcee who has been described as a breath of fresh air. On july 4th,2012 he was selected as worldstar hip hop's youth rap talent of the week for his 8 bar freestyle called languages over Mos Def's Mathematics beat (84,000 plus views). Since then he has released another video entitled Light Leaks a month ago and is working on his debut album "NEHRUVIA" due out soon. This video has generated over 20,000 views, 1,000 likes and 600 new subscribers on youtube. You can find his music is being supported by various blogs throughout the world. With the right push Bishop Nehru is destined to be one of the best rappers of all times. He produces a lot of his material himself but is also willing to work with other producers too. Take the time to google "Bishop Nehru" you won't be disappointed. This kid is a rare gem just waiting for his time to shine.

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