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Bishops Alley


Bishops Alley is a southern rock band that is bridging the gap between rock and country like no artist before. The band’s music consists of energetic guitar driven rock, rock slow jams, and a splash of country…all fused with a perfect blend of southern soul.


Hailing from deep in the Midwest, Oklahoma based band Bishops Alley is a southern rock band who's music ranges from energetic guitar driven rock, to rock slow jams, and a splash of country…all fused with a perfect blend of southern soul. In six years of existence, this quartet has played hundreds of shows throughout the region including Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Tennessee. With two albums under their belt, Bishops Alley is currently putting the finishing touches on their newest album, which is scheduled for release August of 2005.

Bishops Alley's first recording effort was a self-titled album released in 2001. The band independently recorded and produced the entire album in their practice garage located in Seminole, Oklahoma. Although the record was not recorded in a professional studio, the end result was an 11 track disc that any young band would be proud of. When the CD was released, it quickly spread throughout the band's home state of Oklahoma and helped establish Bishops Alley as a staple in the Oklahoma music scene.

In March 2004, Bishops Alley followed up the self-titled release with their sophomore album "Out of Place". Having saved some money from constant touring and wanting to improve upon the first album, the band headed to a recording studio in the small town of Belton, Texas called Awesome Works Recording Studio. Texas musician Steve Palousek engineered and mixed the bands sophomore effort. With help from producers Rodney Pyeatt (another Texas musician known for his bad ass guitar skills) and Brian Kinzie (sound engineer for Cross Canadian Ragweed), "Out of Place" was a major improvement from the self-titled album released three years earlier. Once the album was released, the band once again hit the road to build a regional fan base. Over the next year, the growing popularity of "Out of Place" (named New Album of the Year in's 2005 Music Awards) and devout dedication to touring opened the door to regional success.

After releasing "Out of Place" and amidst touring, Bishops Alley quickly got to work on writing songs for the next album. Over the course of the next year, the band completed 12 new songs for their latest album entitled "Whiskey Blues Revue". In May of 2005, the guys hit the studio again and began work on the new album at SoundPaige Recording in Norman, Oklahoma. Because they were closer to home, the band was able to spend more time on this album than the previous one. Paige Harwell recorded, mixed, and helped produce the new album. With the combination of Paige's masterful studio ability and the band's commitment to making sure it was done the right way, this is by far Bishops Alley's best album yet. After its release in August of 2005, the band will once again hit the road and focus on the next goal of gaining national attention. With the experience gained and dedication shown over the past six years, it is only a matter of time.

Bishops Alley is also proud to be an artist on the Budweiser True Music Label.

Band Management: B.J. Roberson @ Threatcon Entertainment. (405) 249-2472



Written By: Bishops Alley

And this is overrated how I feel

And now I see whats missing through every thing Ive done
All I needs the answer wheres this hate come from
Can you understand me at all I want peace of mind
It is right in front of me yet so hard to find

And this is overrated how I feel
I feel like Ive been jaded
Can this be real

And now I have one question of you
How to leave behind all of this confusion
Thats so hard to find

Falling Behind

Written By: Bishops Alley

One day left and Im alright
You pick me up when Im not strong
The situations all uptight
Whyve you waited so damn long

Every time I think youve done me in
Ive already gotten a step behind
When you bring me back to life again
I put youre memory behind

I got this message in my head
I got to make you understand
A memorys just not enough
He said I got to have you take my hand

Why cant you just make this end
Why cant you just make it right
Is it ever good enough
Or is it just an empty fight

Without You

Written By: Bishops Alley

Walking over emptiness theres so much more to see
Staring in the darkness there is nothing under me
Longing for redemption, but finding only hate
Whats become the difference of reality and fate

I know, I know that this might be the end
And I know, I know Im falling back again
I know, I know Im gonna find the truth
But still I know I cant go on, I cant go on without you

Sinking deep inside myself not wanting to come out
Whats this life Im living whats it all about
Learning all the hard way not living life instead
To win is sweet but I cant dream with these things inside my head

Searching deep inside myself not knowing what Ill find
Somethings got to change real soon Im running out of time


Whiskey Blues Revue (Released August 2005)
1. Wasted Year
2. She's Alright
3. Rearview Mirror
4. I Don't Regret
5. Unsaid
6. The Other Side
7. Bathtub Brew
8. Whiskey Blues Revue
9. Qualms
10. Outlaw Anthem
11. Silently Seducted
12. Let Me Be Me
Bonus Track: Homegrown Remedy

Out of Place (Released April 2004)
1. Without You
2. Misery
3. Slo Jam
4. Nothing Left
5. Out of Place
6. #6
7. Falling Behind
8. Drowning
9. The Traveler
10. Lost

Bishops Alley (2001 Self-Titled Album)
1. Forgotten
2. Silently Seducted
3. Sometimes
4. Evil Pill
5. Bleed
6. Lonely Road
7. Faded
8. Invisible
9. Devil Woman
10. Why
11. The Traveler

Set List

Typical Original Set List (In No Particular Order):
Bathtub Brew, Homegrown Remedy, Whiskey Blues Revue, Qualms, Wasted Year, She's Alright, The Other Side, Rearview Mirror, Let Me Be Me, Unsaid, Outlaw Anthem, I Don't Regret, Forgotton, Silently Seducted, Sometimes, Evil Pill, Bleed, Lonely Road, Faded, Invisible, Devil Woman, Why, The Traveler, Lost, Drowning, Slow Jam, Nothing Left, Out of Place, Number Six, Misery, Falling Behind, Without You

Bishops Alley generally plays around 120 minutes of music per show. If needed, the band can play an additional thirty (30) to sixty (60) minute set.

Bishops Alley is an original rock band, but will play an occcasional cover during the course of a long show.