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The best kept secret in music


"American Soul"

Those of you who were fans of American Idol this year no doubt remember the Brokenote Cowboys sketch from earlier in the year and the repeat of it at the finale. It was a motley pairing of three guys singing off key and basically killing their chances to get past the Hollywood rounds. Three no-talent hacks, right?

Not so much.

Remember, these guys had the talent to get past not only the initial 2 producer rounds and the Three Stooges, but also the initial Hollywood rounds. Recently, after being contacted by Brennan Sayre of Sayre Management, I was given the opportunity to download and listen to a song called "Beautiful," as performed by one of the Brokenote Cowboys, Bishop Stylze (nee Michael Evans.)

There's talent there. Yet another example of how American Idol production values can really overshadow really good singers. If you don't believe me, please go download his new single by clicking here. I think you'll agree, his voice is smooth and silky. And with the right promotion, the single is radio-friendly enough to be a hit.

Bishop Stylze sat down with me recently to dish frankly about his American Idol experience, as well as his future plans.

J.D.: First off, what was it like to be on the number one TV show in the country?

Bishop: A dream come true baby!!!

J.D.: What was it like working with the producers of American Idol? I understand some of them can be difficult.

Bishop: I'll tell you that it wasn't that bad, except when they were working to get a reaction from me. I hated that part. Overall though they were cool with me. The executive producer, Nigel, had the "Cowboys" back all the way, so I get to send love out to him as well as Patrick Lynn. I still wanna know when the baby is due, Patrick!!!

J.D.: Okay, time for just a little backstage dirt: did any relationships form between contestants that you saw? I noticed Garet got pretty
close with Leah Barrettsmith. Anybody else?

Bishop: You wasn't that serious on that side of things, unfortunately. All the rookies in Hollywood went that route and were bawling their eyes out when their little fling got sent home the next day. All I have to say is, "stay focused and about your business!!!"

J.D.: What contestants did you form friendships with, and which
contestants did you just really dislike?

Bishop: Us "Cowboys" are friends for life. We talk to each other quite often. While I was in Hollywood the first time, I spent a lot of time with Melissa McGhee, but other than that I didn't really have time for all that. I was there to accomplish my mission and that was to get myself seen in a major way. I couldn't stand the Brittenum twins though! Couple of snitchin', bitchin', punks, as well as this other dude that just gave up on his group on stage. He wasn't trying to sing for anything. It's interesting to see the fear take over people when they're in a position of opportunity and they flake out.

J.D.: Do you think your placement in the Brokenote Cowboy group seriously hurt your chances of advancing in the competition?

Bishop: Man, the way I see it, I was doomed from the start. In my Denver audition, they sent me home to change my clothes and come back to audition the following day. From that point, into the future rounds, it was on for me. I wasn't allowed to be myself from the beginning, so I adapted to my situation to accomplish my goal, thus camouflaging myself as a "Cowboy" and giving the judges hard stares every time I got on that stage. But what I didn't know was that the only training that Garet had was singing to a turkey.

J.D.: Were you upset by the way they portrayed you in the Brokenote Cowboy clips?

Bishop: I wasn't upset on how they portrayed us. We were being real and honest. Outside of Elliott's Mom, we pulled hard on the public's heart strings and let them know that it's good to be alive, and we fight for what we believe in, which is truth, loyalty, and Big Love!!

J.D.: Do you think it put you at a serious handicap to have to perform "cowboy" music, when you're an R&B singer at heart?

Bishop: Yeah I was singing "Cowboy" music, but I'm a "Cowboy" at heart. And how many artists do we know from any genre that take songs from other genres and make them their own? My voice was heard even though I was singing that "Cowboy" music. The feedback that I've gotten is proof of that. Everyone asks, "Why didn't you make it farther? You sound so good?" That's a question we all get to ask the "Freak Show" Paula, Simon, and Fake Ass Randy.

J.D.: Obviously, being put in the cowboy group made you have to reach outside of your preferred genre, musically. How do you handle it when you have to get outside your musical comfort zone?

Bishop: All I have to say for that is that my solo audition in Hollywood was Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell". Nobody can keep me in a box. I do what I want, when I want.

J.D.: Can you describe for us what it was like being on stage and behind the scenes at the finale?

- J.D. Matthews of Music Ramblings


(Single) Beautiful

Getting radio play in many markets worldwide.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Who is Bishop Stylze? Well there are three things that you get to know about Bishop. First, he doesn’t care. Second, he doesn’t care. And third, he’s not mean, you’re just a sissy. Bishop grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado and after a few run ins with the law and running with a crowd that may have gotten him killed he answered a call from friends in the California Bay Area about a producer looking to piece together an R&B group. Though that opportunity fell through, Bishop stayed on track with his dream of being a singer. Connecting himself with a start up indie label that fell to pieces, working with his cousin David Barnave in a group called Tymere and actually getting radio play with their single, “Match Made” on KYLD 94.9 in San Francisco, CA. Bishop also worked in studio with former DJ of KMEL, Billy Vidal.
Through Bishop’s various trials and tribulations he has managed to stay on top. Securing and internship at the world class Laughing Tiger studios in Marin County, CA. and taking vocal lessons with Jade. Bishop enabled himself to work with real professionals and develop his sound. In this time Bishop also honed his skill as a rapper by hosting freestyle battles at the local teen center. With a push from his family and friends Bishop also auditioned for American Idol. The third time he auditioned in Denver, CO. and he made it through to Hollywood but not without getting grief from the judges about what he chose to wear for his audition.
All of that aside, Bishop Stylze has a unique musical style. Mixing his smooth R&B melodies and lyrics, with his off the wall animated flow he is defiantly one of a kind. Bishop’s influences consist of Tupac, Sade, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Def Leopard, Young Buck, Young Jeezy, Al Greene, Marvin Gaye Ol’ Dirty Bastard and others.
Bishop is defiantly more than just an artist. With a passion for authenticity and a fierce fire for success as not only an artist but as a business professional in the entertainment industry, we are all sure to see great things from him in the future.