Bit By Bats

Bit By Bats


Bit By Bats, Australian three-piece garage rock - sharp as canines, graceful as felines, bold as a hungry bear, and hot as the red satin scarf draped around the neck of a 1950s starlet as she races around the countryside in her sports-car...


They stand apart from the crowd with their more organic approach and a energised live set of garage rock. They could have drowned in a sea of hype and haircuts, and disappeared up their own orifices, but the DIY ethic of their roots held their suspicions of fleeting and fickle nature of quick popularity. They have achieved great things on their own terms, at their own pace, and have developed a set of dazzlingly brilliant songs.

Over the past 24 months Bit By Bats have been busy touring Australia with the likes of Youth Group, Cut Copy, The Grates and they've played a stack of international supports, including: Bloc Party, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Les Savy Fav, Von Bondies, Peaches, Kaiser Chiefs and the legendary Wire. Early 2006 saw the band play highly acclaimed sets at Australia's biggest festival the Big Day Out. They then undertook two national tours and entered the studio to cut their debut album with producer Dean Dirt.

Bit By Bats have previously self-released three EPs, and they have just released 'Go Go Go!' - their debut album - through Shiny Records to Australia and New Zealand. They have flung themselves into the romantic life of international touring in 2007 with a showcase at Canadian Music Week (March 07) and the UK (March 07).

Now, Bit By Bats are on the prowl for an International indie label for distribution in North America and Europe.


"A little bit scary, a little bit sexy, and more than a little exciting, Bit By Bats are a name I'll be following intently from here on and that's a band name!"
James Jam's Pick of The Week, NME Breaking Bands


Bloc Party
Kaiser Chiefs
Pink Grease
Wire (national tour)
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Les Savy Fav
Youth Group (national tour)
The Grates (national tour)
Cut Copy (national tour)
Howling Bells (national tour)
Nikola Sarcevic of Millencolin (national tour Feb 2007)

COMING UP in 2007:
June/July National Australian Tour

For more information email Raelene Gill at Cartel Music on
ph +61 412873828


GO GO GO! - Debut Album Mar 2007 (Australia & New Zealand)
Sonic Bids "Listen Up Series" Dec 2006
Let's Go Romeo EP - 2005 (Australia & New Zealand)
Sir! Beat Sir tour EP - 2004 (Australia & New Zealand)
Self-titled EP - 2004 (Australia & New Zealand)

Set List

Go Go Go
One Six One
Let's Heart Attack
Maurie & Marie
Like A Panther
She Was Venezuela
Dance the Dance
All Night
Neon Flux
Out For Love
In My Arms