Bitch Slap Barbie

Bitch Slap Barbie


We'll keep it short and simple... One audience member described our live show as a "35 minute heart attack".


In late 2004 - after months of searching the St. Louis scene, Brigitte (Gita) Sheridan and Lisa McMichael found themselves with a handful of ideas and a really bad attitude problem. Using this as motivation for their songwriting and fondness of foul language - Bitch Slap Barbie became a reality.

After momentarily being stuck in a "Spinal Tap" like revolving door of bass players - Jason Paintner joins the bitches from the ashes of St. Louis favorites, The Dead Celebrities. He’ll be staying awhile we’re sure... (we’ve cut off both his legs and make him live in the back of the Bitch van.) After the departure of original drummer, "Longhead" Addison - Tony Martin joins the bitches on drums. Now, with the puzzle finally complete - This Bitch is ready to rock!

Raw guitars and driving rhythm carry you on a musical crash course as the searing vocals explain the stories behind each road you’re being led down. Having been compared to the likes of The Gits, Wendy O. Williams, The Runaways, etc... fans of old school punk should be pleasantly surprised with each Slap of the Bitch.

So, buckle up and hang on for the adventure...Bitch Slap Barbie’s been waiting for you, crazy fuckers !!!!


"Five Finger Fuck You" ep
Devolution Magazine (UK) CD compilation
Small Towns and Shitty Cities compilation CD
We're about to release our full length "13 The Hard Way" this summer. We also have upcoming compilation cd's coming out this summer - World Punk Network and A Tribute To Betty Blowtorch to benefit M.A.D.D.
We've had our ep played on both community and mainstream radio as well as many different podcasts and internet sites.

Set List

You Never Shut Up
Take It Back
Don't Wanna
Be So Lonely
Pins and Needles
Taken Over
Burning Down Bridges
When the Shit Hits the Fan
Little Things
Scared You're Seeing Me
Rumble Seat