Bite The Shark

Bite The Shark

 Manchester, England, GBR

3 lads causing anarchy writing songs about the governments wrong doings...


Lifes too short to waffle on about a bio.... 3 piece unsigned manc punk rock band.. check us out on youtube mate...


Get Ready - (Covers Album)
Get Ready Limited Edition - additional 3 tracks including 1 original.

Get off my Microphone - (single) all been aired on 97.4 Rock fm

Boom Boom - (single) aired on 107fm The Bee.

Set List

Cover gigs we usually play for 1 hour and 45 minutes including encores. Covers we do: Lady GaGa, Kings of Leon, Led Zepplin, Peter Andre, Girls Aloud, Stevie Ray Vahghan, Queen, Elvis Presely etc.

We also play soundtracks like Home and Away, Only Fools and Horses, Fresh Prince of Bell Air etc.

Original gigs we usually play Send you a Postcard, Chocolate and Buckaroo.