Pre-postmodern analog synth pop with acoustic\electric guitar and landscapes of moody vocals scattered over head-bobbing beats


Some of Ian�s edgier, noise-rock based influences, such as Sonic Youth, left him wanting to create music that ignites the senses. Thus, after experience in a band that was largely digital synth-rock, he became enamored with recreating the raw energy found in analog equipment in a way that was accessible to the contemporary scene. This approach allows for a more visceral take on the music, as on the fly adjustments can reflect the mood of the moment. Alternatively, Kris has influences that trend toward cleaner, harmonic sounding tunes, sometimes finding respite in jazz and folk. The two do share influences, uniting to create a sound that bears resemblance to Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem, The Postal Service or The Knife.



Set List

Set currently consists of 8 main songs, with various other pieces mixed in between. This is to fill the space occupied by equipment setup time. Set time is approx. 1 hour.

1. Idlewild
2. The problem with patience
3. Hearts in decline
4. MFS
5. Mousetrap
6. Go as you were
7. American sleeping
8. Mistake