Bit Of Talent

Bit Of Talent


The ultimate tribute to Billy Talent. Exceptional fidelity of the lead vocal to Billy Talent's singer. Perfect reproduction of the recorded songs by the musicians with a bunch of back vocals. Incredible performances on live gigs.


What was a simple hobby for its members became a total adventure for Bit Of Talent. After all, why don't make a complete tribute to Billy Talent if we already play 6 of their songs with such passion? Today, Bit Of Talent is recognized as the ultimate tribute to canadian punk rock band Billy Talent. Everybody agree that nobody else could cover this band as well as Bit Of Talent. Each member of Bit of Talent has a different musical history, and we met us totally randomly, thanks to the magik of music.

Set List

This Is How It Goes
Try Honesty
Line and Sinker
The Ex
River Below
Standing In The Rain
Cut the Curtains
Prisoners of Today
Nothing to Lose
Devil In A Midnight Mass
Red Flag
This Suffering
Fallen Leaves
Perfect World
Devil On My Shoulder
Rusted From The Rain
Turn Your Back
Sudden Movements