The Bittercups

The Bittercups


Studio: late-'70s punk meets mid-'60s mod and Motown meets early-'80s power-pop. Live: a nonstop dance performance with a bit of humor and tons of energy.


"Mere minutes into the set, he throws himself on the floor, white suede dress shoes flailing, in a spectacular display of rock 'n' roll grand mal. The crowd backs up, bristling with confused looks. But it's not long before the witnesses are also seized by the 'just gotta dance' reflex. Billy Boloby's catchy, feverish brand of rock 'n' roll has been known to cause convulsions, hypothermia, even spontaneous combustion. And that's on a bad night." -- Audra Schroeder, New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

That's a pretty fair assessment of what happens when the Bittercups take the stage. This ain't some shoe-gazing indie-rock band, nor is it a raucus, bottle-breaking punk band. The Bittercups are a band anyone can dig -- and that's precisely the point. It's not just for punks, hipsters, or any other narrow group. But that's not because the band is trying to be all things to all people. It's just the nature of fun, unpretentious rock 'n' roll, and that's something all four Bittercups have plenty of experience with.

The Bittercups came together as two halves of the bands Billy Boloby and the Heatseekers, both of which made the New Times Broward-Palm Beach Top Ten list in 2003 (

While the 'Cups are new, the band members are all familiar faces in the South Florida scene. In the '90s, Loose fronted Chickenhead and founded the Crumbs (both on Lookout! Records), while Boloby fronted the Mute-Ants (on Oregon's Mutant Pop Records).


One Side

Written By: Billy Boloby

I've tried so hard to keep an open mind
But now I'm done being so kind
There are too many bands
And they're all so bland
I don't know where they're all coming from
But none of them are any fun
It's like they're not into it
So why do they even do it?

What is it they've got to hide?
'Cause they only ever show one dimension, one side
And it's always got to be the same side
As everyone else before
They try to look sincere but they really just seem bored

I don't care how bad you felt today
Try finding something real to say
Something to inspire – or at least inquire
You never seem to care what you have done
You're not helping anyone
It's only just a setback – it's why they're all on Prozac

You can't take a joke, but that's all you are
You're like Danielle Steel with a guitar
You're so worried that your life's not whole
But it's not your heart, it's your lack of soul

I wish you would just give it up now
And go back where you best belong
Take all the fashion shots you want
Just dont write another song
Because you took what I most cared for
And made it what I most despise
The day you came around, it truly is
The day the music died

Set List

We're flexible. We've done anything from 20-minute quickies to multiple hour-long sets.