A progressive soulful rock band that will have you reminiscing about your favorite rock/rhythm artists but with a contemporary edge. Blessed with the perfect blend of masterful lyrics, instrumental talent, and vocals that will reel you in. Influences ranging from jazz, R&B, and technical rock.


We started off with a bang by opening up for Eddie Money, which garnered many fans all wanting to buy CDs that we hadn't cut yet. We knew by that outpouring that we had something special! Nonetheless, studio time quickly became a priority until we released our first self titled CD, ‘Bitter Edge’.

That was over a year ago and now we are working on our second CD. Our first CD has been embraced extremely well by our adoring fans and from the sound of it, we think our second CD is going to be even a bigger hit!

Bitter Edge's lead singer, Dan Signor, has a three-fold talent that makes him a musical standout: masterful lyrics, chord progression virtuoso, and soothing vocals with a raspy edge that are oh so satisfying.

Drummer, Louie Nagy, is a natural - often playing while reading the latest copy of Popular Science, playing his mandolin, and sucking down a Red Bull all at the same time - he makes it look too easy.

Chris Willis is a mean technician on lead guitar while craft-fully sacrificing more notes for incredible melody as needed! Playing opposite his father, Tim, is a dream come true for Chris. His influences are John Petrucci, and (we think) his dad.

Tim Willis’ bluesy smooth stylings are a perfect contrast to his son’s style and a real complement to the bands overall groove. He and his son, Chris switch off between lead guitar and bass and occasionally in the midst of a tune. Tim is influenced by The Dave Mathews Band genre – you know that, “is it blues, is it county, is it rock & roll” guitar style.


Goto to hear several songs from our first CD, a video of 'White Bread World' to be featured on our second CD and many more pictures. We are not a signed band as of yet!


Set List

Caught Up To Me Now
Mission Bell
Power of the Almighty
Hook Line and Sinker
Ball and Chain
Love Warp
White Bread World

When we play covers, we are along the lines of Maroon 5, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Ray Charles, etc.