Bitter Fictions

Bitter Fictions

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Solo loop-based guitar tracks that are sometimes layered together to make feedback-laced noise-rock/indie rock songs, and sometimes for improvised soundscapes/psychedelic drones. Think "post-rock" as interpreted by say, Alan Licht or Thurston Moore.


Bitter Fictions is the solo project of Devin Friesen, a Calgary-based, internationally-published music critic/journalist, record store clerk, and former noise-rock radio host. Friesen's approach to the guitar casts a wide net, creating sound narratives which traverse through bedroom feedback-laced indie rock, psychedelic drones, ambience, and improvisations for looper pedals and/or max/msp.


Bitter Fictions LP (full length LP, Shaking Box Music, March 2013)

The First Book of Electricity (cassette/digital album, Shaking Box Music, 2010)
Looper Pedal Blues (cassette/digital album, Shaking Box Music, 2011)
Percolator Glitch (cassette/digital EP, Shaking Box Music, 2011)
Nos. 1 & 2: Music for Guitar, Feedbacker, and Looper (cassette/digital EP compilation, Shaking Box Music, 2012)