Bitterroot Sweet: Jonjo Evans & Meredith Musten, two guitars, two voices, so good. Americana, roots, country. Jonjo hammers lyric & melody out of bedrock & steel. Meredith weaves a harmonic tapestry that hangs in the midst. This ain�t snake oil, it's a fine tonic. It goes down smooth.


It wasn�t too long ago that an unusual meeting took place in the great state of North Carolina and in a town named after a man called Korner. It was almost certainly, a providential happening. It was surely, as some may say, �destiny.�

A striking young metropolitan lady and a fairly wizened country gentleman were put together for purposes of jangling on stringed instruments and singing of songs fit for dancing a polka, perhaps the two step, or heck maybe even a bit of inordinate flouncing around.

The occasion was set to be a short and sweet, but when the lutes began and the two voices appeared in unison and gracefully split to rapturous harmony, the throng that had amassed was dumbstruck. They were all speechless I tell you! The best they could manage was to tap their feet and clap their hands or make their way unsteadily to the dance floor. As the night whisked by, it became glaringly apparent that this chance engagement was well worth repeating.

Thus, the two minstrels became fixed like a rocket on a mission to mars, stuck like a car door in an icestorm, locked like a Colt 45 ready to blaze and buddy, I mean they are�blazing a trail like a bullet through the sternum right straight to your heart.

Gather round now all you good people and take a listen. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: Jonjo Evans and Meredith Musten and these their sordid stories set to a tune, the truer than life tales of Dirty Tears and Treachery!


Fair Well

Written By: Jonjo Evans

Fair Well

I want to look into your eyes and see the daylight
I ain’t ready to see twilight gently fading
I want to dance around the room like a lover young and true
I don’t care who is watching

I want happiness that’s free and peace that doesn’t come with strings attached to bring me round

I want you to take my hand help me stand
Listen to the band and do the two step.

You know my heart;
Stay awhile, and be still
I’m like water that comes from the well
Drink till you get your fill

I want to take you to my place and see the way
Candlelight lends grace to the winter
I want to watch you while you sleep.
When you dream,
you reach for me if you’re scared.

Baby I know that life is brief, but we’ll be just fine ‘s long as you hold my hand until the spring comes around

I want to wake up and make a fire, but if I’m still tired
I want to lay down my desire and rest in you


Written By: Jonjo Evans

Hater (the new perfect country and western song)

I hate that I had to leave you, and since then I’ve been untrue
I hate you had to find out from my friends
There’ve been other women
Sitting beside me in my truck
I’m hating that I dissed you on that Sunday

If you didn’t keep your heart
Locked up in a box that I can’t break into
If you ever stole a kiss
You might have a clue of what I been missing

I am missing my teeth from fighting
I been missing my keys for days
I was missing my favorite t-shirt
When I went missing in the woods all day
I’ll never find you… so you’ll never know
All the ways I been missing you today

My mom knows I’m sorry, she told me on the phone
But sorry ain’t the reason I’m alone
Remember our last visit in the rain on the railroad tracks?
You said I’d be better off in prison so I went back

I was drunk underneath the bridge
I threw up underneath the bridge
I ruined my t-shirt underneath the bridge
Cause I was drunk underneath the bridge


Written By: Jonjo Evans


Dear heart might explode if I don’t relieve the pressure
Ps I’ve got pounds per inch that no scale can even measure

Pressure feeling pressure
Return static pressure
Gimme atmospheric pressure

No release, no relief from the source that supplies the strain
Treachery, the tumor grows while it feasts upon my brain

Pressure feeling pressure
Return static pressure
Gimme atmospheric pressure

Implore on the floor I lay
Time of need cannot speed the way
Bust it, stop persistent clock
Tick tock come around and I flip flop


Singles: Fair Well, PSI, Blue Tears, Hater, Ten O'clock

Set List

A typical set might go something like: Hater, Red Clay Halo (cover Gillian Welch and David Rawlings), PSI, He Said, She Said, Desire (cover Ryan Adams), Blue Tears, Love is a Lie, Fair Well, Magnolia 1920, Why Did You Kill My Daughter, Freeman.

Sets are 45-50 minutes, 10-12 songs, usually 2 sets.

Our repertoire consists of songs written from the ep: Forty, the unreleased (yet) albums: Dirty Tears and Treachery, and Nu Dey, and a few covers in the alt country, folk, americana vein.