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Written By: Wojtek Byrski

(music by M. Musialski, lyrics by W. Byrski,
English translation by Z. Zabierzewski)

Wished I held the world in my hands
Wished I knew much more than now
Wished I killed my fear of each day
Sleeping dreamlessly but sound
So that I could feel as if I were God

‘Do fall down’ – prayed the hungry crowd
Trying hard to take me straight down
And the wind torn my wings apart
Then my heart got broken and stopped

Wished I saw what hid in darkness
Wished I had more than today
Wished I shouted out my anger
Won the game I played with fate
So that I could feel just like God himself

‘Do fall down’…

Wished I glided just for once
High above death and time
Wished I always loved and lived
To be free, to be me

Now I know

‘Do fall down’…/repeat chorus


Written By: Wojtek Byrski


Feels so perfect now
When it is gone,
The bloody day
That made you leave me.
It was really hard
For me to come
And to hear that I
Was dead in your heart, dear!

So try and simply close your eyes,
Touch me like
You used to touch!
Don’t you fear,
It’s but a dream,
Dreams ain’t worth believing!
Now I’m here – just take a look! –
All with you, and all for you,
Yes I’ll go, but I don’t know
Where yet…

So dark, tonight,
All is clear for us, somehow.
How can I sleep?
When I know you’re awake now

And I know it’s tough
Accepting how
All we become
Is just a memory.
So, you’ve not come back
Cos it’s too hard
To hear I am
Absent from your life.

So try and simply close your eyes,
Touch me like
You used to touch! ..., etc.

So dark, tonight..., etc.

Awake now...