Marble Falls, Texas, USA

BIX is a solo producer of the EDM genre(s) and has started his career early at just 17. He has learned so much in just one year and looks for new sounds all of the time. His sounds range from Electronic Dance and House, to Unrated Filthy Dubstep!


Nick Brainard (BIX) always loved music growing up. He would always make beats with whatever he had. All throughout high school. he was determined to start a band. He was greatly influenced by alternative music at the time, and just wanted to be on a stage playing music for people. After years of unfinished projects and broken friendships, Nick decided to end his pursuit of a great band.

But, during the summer of 2010, he went to live with his uncle in Seattle, WA. The city and people had a huge influence on him. He then got into listening to EDM after hearing it while walking outside of night clubs. He loved the beats and variety of the genre, and instantly wanted to produce it. His favorite artist to this day is deadmau5, whom he feel inspired him the most. He loves all of his songs.

And so, just over a year later, he now has 60+ songs to represent himself with, and many more to come. His dream is to get his music out around the world and become famous. He works very hard to reach his goals and will stop at nothing to achieve them.


Single: "Midnight"
Single: "I Am BIX"
Single: "Ermac's Theme"