Bixby Canyon

Bixby Canyon

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

We're a band, we're from Brisbane and we play loud indie rock. Our frontman gets fairly animated on stage and has been known to leave the venue mid song. We sound a bit like all of our influences but not like any of them in particular.


Responding to a classified in Rave Magazine young singer/songwriter, Jake Wood completed the line-up that has become Bixby Canyon. After auditioning several vocalists Mitch Johnson (drums), John Jurkov (bass) and Brodie Pearce (guitar) had finally found the last piece of their puzzle, a vocalist with raw emotion and songwriting abilities. After thumping away in a backyard shed, in the wilds of Spring Mountain, for the past six months this youthful four piece have melded their individual and shared influences into a unique blend of Indie Rock that tips its hat to Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, Manchester Orchestra, Green Day, and Nirvana.

Sounding a little like all, and none of the above, the band have launched themselves on audiences. They have played with other young upstarts, Teenage Wolves, The Medics, Dirty Bird, Fushia, Trigger Theory, Rawr Vanity, Boss Moxi and Alibrandi as well as the more established Finabah, in a host of quality venues.

After witnessing only their second ever show one reviewer had this to say, " You wouldn't know it to hear it, but indie rock band Bixby Canyon had played only one show prior to The Youth Showcase evening at The Hive, and boy did that surprise a few when they found out. Lead singer and guitarist Jake Wood has emerged from being a reserved acoustic singer with lyrics full of anger to be compared with the metaphors of Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst and Brand New's Jesse Lacey, so the energy this guy emits on stage is incredible, and gives the audience a whole level of emotion otherwise only half delivered." - Alysha Dicksonon - Dearhead Press


Arndale - 9 track demo - July 2010

Set List

It varies but at the moment you'll hear most of these:
You're so Naive
Dear Night