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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter



The best kept secret in music


"Bizz-E BlazE talk about creativity and consistency"

Bizz E Blaze has a work ethic like no other in his class. The up and coming BKNY emcee takes pride in his consistency and his diverse styles. When you have an artist this young in the game with a genuine passion for music and the creation behind it, the sky is never the limit.

HYPEFRESH’s very own, Che` (@chehova93) recently caught up with Bizz E Blaze to discuss the fuel behind his typhoon of latest singles and expectations for his upcoming EP and official mixtape.

Blaze has released a handful of tracks throughout the summer; instrumenting his work ethic and his ability to make different songs for different listeners. Each song tells a different story and describes different times in Blaze’s life; whether it’s old or recent.

CHE: With all of these tracks being different, tell me where does that sense of diversity come from?

“Different shit happens to me on the daily so I talk about it, I hate routine so when something starts to feel repetitive I switch.”

He stated that the losses of his love ones and having nobody in his corner, resulted in him “Taking over and making it happen”.

“The people I’ve lost & the people I’ve left over the years is what motivate me & honestly it would be a crime to waste all this talent.”

Even though, Bizz has a knack to make it look so easy, he acknowledged that this was not at all an overnight process. When asked about his love for music and where it came from he answered:

“I started rapping at 17 but didn’t get nice until 19. (Laughs)”

CHE: Where do you see your campaign taking you as far as industry work? And who do you see yourself working with and in what genres??

BIZZ: I want to write for other genres and producers and artists, creativity is the most important thing; as long as creativity is there, working is not an issue.

CHE: What do you feel sets you apart from other artist in your class and how do you use that to your advantage?

BIZZ: Creativity and being able to stay myself through so many different works and being able to use my life experiences in the studio.

Bizz also stated that he is happy with current situation as an up and coming artist and is extremely excited to see what his future holds. He plans on taking his S.C.U.M. (Society Can’t Understand Me) lifestyle/movement to a broader scale with the upcoming releases of his projects.

“The Ep is Titled “Bizz-Arre“.That can be expected in the next 2-3 weeks, and the mixtape is probably going to be around November; it’s going to be called “The S.C.U.M Up“.” - HF Exclusive Interview

"Hip-Hop's Rising Star: An Interview with Bizz-E BlazE [Exclusive]"

It seems like nowadays the overbearing question in hip-hop, or at least for most hip-hop heads it is, is the question of “is hip-hop dead?” Well, if you ask me nothing has changed but the address (to quote from my main man Curren$y). With a little soul searching, a cup of coffee, and the internet, nothing is impossible in this life.

Hip-hop heads across the nation scour the depths of the internet everyday looking for refreshing, new artists’ to sink their teeth in, and Bizz-E is just that guy. With singles like “Who The Man,” “City Limits,” and “I’m Good” Bizz-E Blaze has been able to see his stardom grow significantly in only a matter of months. With pristine production, and high quality lyricism, Bizz-E Blaze is just only getting started in this music industry.

Growing up in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Bizz-E has been involved in the music industry since 2008, when he use to work with a little homie called Kid Cudi at the Bape Store (must be something in the waters). Since then, he has worked rigorously putting out material left and right, even doing a weekly music series, until he launched his first solo project entitled, BizzOgraphy. From there, Blaze was able to rack up a devoted following with his debut project, which lead to high reviews and a verified spot on Twitter.

And this is only the beginning.

With only one project under his belt, Bizz-E Blaze looks to solidify his spot in the highly competitive rap game. But by the looks of it, he’s already got it down pat. Read on..

First off, how long have you been writing music and working on music as an artist?

Est. 2009, Flatbush Brooklyn, Corner of J side.

Okay, since you were born in hip-hop’s birthplace, who would you say are some of your greatest influences from that area?

I would say, I’m always inspired, different things bring different inspiration. I personally wouldn’t tell you who inspires me, I rather you tell me who you think I’m inspired by, or who you hear, when you hear me….

Okay, what would you consider some of your favorite artist to listen to?

Nothing I listen to is up-to-date; I’m currently listening to Classic 90’s soul like Smooth Operator by Sade.

With BizzOgraphy, I noticed the entire project was pretty much just you. What’s your future project looking like? Who are some features, and when can we expect to hear it?

Anytime is a good time to drop music I feel more obligated to feed the fans right now then to say I’m in a rush for another project. But if a project comes together you can expect it late spring.

I know you just came back from SXSW, how was it? And what did y’all do in Austin, Texas?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to crowd surf on a group chicks in heels like I promised I would. But non-the less it was an amazing experience and we turnt up about four shows, the energy was through the roof. Shout outs to my shooters in Austin, TX.

Hahaha, don’t we all wish we could crowd surf on some hoes. But anyways, are you working with any major producers or artist? If so, who are they? And how was the experience?

I don’t think I’ve rapped on a beat anything less than major, the quality of producers… I mean come on these guys are amazing, between MP Williams, JayDotHolla, Space Face and Torin Martinez, these guys will be house hold names before I am. I love the quality and innovative sound, so if you have that, holla at me and let’s work! As for artists, I haven’t personally asked for much features from people, of course the Home Team, ScumGanG Fresh, and Romey, but when people fully understand my sound we’ll see what happens from there.

I have been jammin’ to a lot of your songs lately and I’ve noticed that your production game is flawless, who are some of the producers you are working with? And what can we expect in the future? (Producing-wise)

I appreciate that. Once again, when it comes to production, I fucks with anybody that is willing to innovate. I won’t turn you down if you don’t have a buzz, but a sick drum pattern. Of course, there are a few industry producers I see myself working with, tell that boy Travis Scott to holla at me, I know we can come up with some crazy shit and I’m still waiting on an email with the subject saying “Beats from Diplo”….Just to let you know where my head is at.

You and Diplo would be an amazing combination. And as far as Travis Scott goes, I’m pretty sure he’ll find you sooner rather than later.

Anyways,BizzOgraphy dropped back in January and has released a few dope singles including “Who The Man” and “Heather,” are you planning on releasing any singles that aren’t on your future projects this year?

BizzOgraphy has done all types of shit for us, and I enjoy the shit out of it, but I do want to step aside a bit and do a “song a week” series like I did a while back, but I don’t know yet, because we just shot this crazzzzy mutha fuckin video for “Heather” that y’all are going to be getting real soon, so for now, download that Bizz-Ography.

Okay, that’s dope af. I know you have been receiving a ton of attention lately, with becoming verified and all that. Do you ever plan on signing to a label? Or do you want to keep going as an independent artist?

Anything is possible, this independent shit is fun, if the situation allows me to be myself, it might work out, you never know.

Check out Bizz-E Blaze’s latest mixtape, BizzOgraphy, below and find out yourself.. - JOE WINSLER

"Stay Musically Inclined ... Interview: Bizz-E Blaze"

In the midst of all of the SXSW chaos this past week in Austin, we had a chance to link up with Brooklyn’s own Bizz-E Blaze to chop it up in between showcases. Due to how crazy 6th Street happened to be on this day (pure chaos!), I was expecting to do a very short interview with the rising emcee. To my surprise, him and his team came well prepared and ready to work despite the circumstances.

Most recently Bizz-E dropped his BizzOgraphy project back in January and has released a few dope singles including “Who The Man” and “Heather”. With a chill demeanor and arrogant lyrical style, Bizz-E ensures that him and his team S.C.U.M. Gang are ahead of their league.

On this episode of “Stay Musically Inclined” Bizz-E discusses his latest project, touring, and what he hoped to accomplish during SXSW. Tune in after the jump, and check out more behind the scenes shot: - BY ASIA


2009 - Bill 4 President: Tha Mixtape

2010 - Right Side of the Brain

2011 - Bizz- Ness Before All

  1. Space Invader (Prod. MP Williams)
  2. Stay Awake (Feat. Yoshi) (Prod. MP Williams)
  3. Puff Puff Pass (Feat. Candice) (Prod. MP Williams)
  4. Gone To Long (Feat. Euro League) (Prod. MP Williams)
  5. I'm Good (Prod. Rami Beatz) 
  6. Put Em' On (Prod. MP Williams)
  7. Home Team (Feat. A.i. SCUM) (Prod. Duane Atkins)
  8. Flow Your Heart (Prod. MP Williams)
  9. Damage (Prod. MP Williams)
  10. NoWay, NoHow {Interlude} (Prod. MP Williams)
  11. Skum of the Earth (Prod. MP Williams)
  12. Drugs (Feat. Romey) (Rami Beatz)
  13. FU DJ (Feat. Rami Beatz) (Prod. Rami Beatz)
  14. *Bonus* M.O.B [Money Over Bitxhes] (Feat. ScuMGanG Fresh & PMuckz) 

2013 - Bizz-Ography 
  1. Find The Light (Prod. SpaceFace)
  2. Dark Knight (Prod. SpaceFace)
  3. East Coast {Interlude}
  4. K.I.D.D Again (Feat. Danse BKLYN STICKUP) (Prod. JayDotHolla)
  5. R.A.W [Rollins and Weed] (Feat. A.i. SCUM) (Prod. JayDotHolla)
  6. Money Is the Motive (Prod. JayDotHolla)
  7. Long Overdue (Feat. Romey) (Prod. Billy BadA$$)
  8. Forever In Us (Prod. MP Williams)
  9. Faux Friends (Prod. MP Williams)
  10. Back Then (Prod. Prosodi J)
  11. Heather/Fake Love (Prod. JayDotHolla/Fewcha)
  12. The PreGame (Prod. Torin Martinez)
  13. E & Henny (Prod. SpaceFace)
  14. Who The Man (Prod. Dre Diesley)
2015 - Bizz-Arre



Are you still sleeping on the kid out of Brooklyn, New York? It is safe to say everyone will know the name soon enough and the chances to say you were on the movement from the jump will be gone. Bizz-E BlazE returns yet again as he leads SCUM Gang to the promise land, with a new project call "Bizz-Arre". With production from some of the top producers in the game right now, BKorn (DJ Khaleds Hold You Down & How Many Times), Grand Champion Music, JayDotHolla, Beat Bangaz, Kyduh Beatz and many more.

Bizz-E Blaze continues to not only separate himself from other rappers but inspire with his own style and sound that has been catching on more and more. The young artist is on the rise out of NY with bars and a wordplay that can certainly grab the attention of all. 

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