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Mainstream Hip-Hop sound with a heavy image of the underground music as well. A lot of songs you would hear in the clubs & on the radio. Also a far amount of songs with emotion and passion.


With MC's being churned out like products on an assembly line, its increasingly difficult for an emerging lyricists to get a fair shake. Somehow, through his hustle, Bizzy out of Clinton Missouri was able to take a step back and build a foundation for BBP Records and himself. Through his life, there were many instances when Bizzy could have fallen in the many pitfalls of the music business, but hes emerged more prosperous than ever. The lyricist also possesses a keen awareness existence beyond the streets, although its not the focal point of his lyrical legacy. A 9-year student of Hip-Hop, Bizzy is crest of raps next wave. Get to know the Mid-West rapper as he speaks on his rise, his struggle, and how its actually time for him to shine. IT'S SHOW TIME!


Legal Crime - 2001
Bigg Bizzness - 2003
3rd Times A Charm - 2006
Show Biz - Coming Late 2007

Before The 3rd Time - 2005

Set List

My sets run anywhere from 45 minutes to and hour or even longer if needed.

My sets include songs from my most current projects that have been release, as well as projects getting ready to be released.

Some of my hit songs that I love to preform include...

Summertime Blues
What's That Sounds
My Whip
Turn It Up
I've Got'em Sayin'