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Bizzy Jenikins

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Bizzy Jenkins is a an absurd spoken word sexual beast who is very sensitive to what other people think but pretends not to give a fuck and pretends very well.


Bizzy Jenkins is a spoken word character who speaks/sings over an innumerable amount of styles of music, mainly hip hop and punk. His melodies and structures are heavily classically derived, although difficult to pinpoint because he wants the listener to fill in a lot of the harmony gaps. He is heavily influenced by Dr. Octagon, Bad Religion, Schubert and other random cats. He writes, composes and does just about everything else himself. He often scores films as well. Bizzy was born out of the need to host all American born delusion and darkness in a single character who is cocky yet very defensive in order to have a model to view and to compare to for betterment of the self.


It's the Urine

Written By: Bizzy Jenkins

Deep in the abyss of the Sigmund-spyder-vortex
the death of the sex by the women who prevented it
heaven sent the midnight mail through the mountain
compounded fun the result of years of circumcision

oh Bizzy you've gone the other way
you're making me dizzy please come back and play with me
I cant's I gots to work my people sit and wait
oh Bizzy I want you in me her panties in my face
god these broads are amazing
mapping with a signal
mind so good at make up intrinsic lack of muscle
I'm on it like a bayonet extension to my rifle
and while the world is bleeding I indulge in vicious cycles
the plight of the man like Burger King such a torment
the storms are fucking imminent what color is your clit

drop the purple dye in the pool
I'm a conscious citizen flogging all the youth
wanna find some meaning it's the urine that's the proof
exposing the forbidden I'm a sayer that can soothe
how to deal with women wait a fifteen minute
they can't wait longer let's see who has the discipline
pin to the ground like a butterfly madame
pinkerton is watching me the nsa is after

the gunk trapped in my beard from a night spent munching on the clit
I like crumpin’ phobias better have the children get over their issues
box-lunch hopefully it comes with nothing extra in it I'll have a Guinness
princess finishing school never taught you how to eat a dick proper
fuck actors or let the fuck each-other and tell the kids
how can you live with yourself
my condolences

it's hotter than balls imagine in a Hummer
shout to all the soldiers I'm sorry you have to be there
I really am sorry I weep for you and pray
wondering why we treat our babies this way
state of the union such a sad state
address us as citizens instead of playing games
a false-flag operation intended to create
a single global vision of the tragic white race

why you’re so mad oh why you’re so mad
you're not going to heaven but you'll make it anyway

Bizzy will relieve you of all your kinky pain

Path of Least Resistance

Written By: Bizzy Jenkins

The path of least resistance is the path you get pissed on
follow your intuition and stay in your little prison
born in institutions no matter how apparent
if you are compliant
you'll get a roof and bed

the red zone the comfort zone the clit zone
the throne
parameters will matter if you suck at getting fucked

that's why we have this great need to blow some shit up
anything that looks a little different from us
you fucking cunt piece ass of shit
you can't even suck my dick
who is this I'm referring to
it's all the governments
Some might say I'm an anarchist
but really I'm just the Biz
separate from the lingo that’s
exploding out my head
energy is blasphemy in a world of silent buddhists
fuck the peace this brain disease
a buddha's just for business
nothing even matters anymore
a billion ways to fail choose one or choose them all
or if you can find one one reason to succeed
then follow that reason
and don't have any kids
who wants to bring a kid into this world of scars and pain
raise a little peon that will act and look the same
forcing them to sit and think with mind-warped education
put them in a skinner box and let them serve this nation

if only you knew how dumb and stupid most people are
then you wouldn't give a fuck about your abstract art

part with the desire to be a perfect being
what the fuck are we whining about
The United States of Bitches

My god is Better

Written By: Bizzy Jenkins

git down on the ground git down on the ground
yeah motherfucker git down on the ground

who this fucking shit you think you are
believing in another god
my god's the god of war
your god is not
yah-wha(t) she's god a g-spot
bunker-busters well they hurt a fucking lot
statistically we fire more shots
tell me what have you got
mohammed jihad
you damn islamabad
you disgrace the world with your daka-daka plot
you're the terror man and we're not
but we call the shots
dem-o-crock-o-shit shoot that fucking bitch
whew soldier watch the phosphor
let's take a moment and breathe it all in

oh my god is better
better than yours

innocents there are none
christ is number one
finding rest from the pounding chest
islam is just bombs we are number one

git down on the ground

come on come on quick let’s go
yo what are we doing here in afghanistan anyways
I don’t know I thought that uh
you know we’d be able to find some women
some foreign women some foreign pussy
I mean apparently over here that if you fuck a woman in the pussy
she gets her head chopped off if the husband finds out
so risky so dangerous
I mean we could fuck her up the ass but
it would be so much better to go for the pussy
I mean
if she’s dark skinned she doesn’t matter anyways

my god

my god is better
so much fucking better than yours

she fucks so much better
her pussy tastes so much better
better than yours


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