A wonderful liveact - deep songs served with a lot nerve. B-Joe has been compared to acts like Ryan Adams and... Jimi Hendrix.


With more than 2500 gigs and concerts behind him, B-Joe is one of the most touring acts in Denmark. The last two albums got more than 1000 plays each on the national Danish radio and B-Joe also did a lot of TV and printed press.
A wonderful liveact - deep songs served with a lot of heartfelt electric guitar. B-Joe has been compared to acts like Ryan Adams and... Jimi Hendrix.


B-Joe: Rattlesnake Heartache (Little Creek Records LCRCD 004, 2009)
B-Joe: Rosey May (Little Creek Records LCRSCD 012, 2009)
B-Joe: Down in the Valley (Little Creek Records LCRSCD 011, 2009)
B-Joe: Gone for Good (Little Creek Records LCRSCD 010, 2009)
B-Joe: Sugar (Little Creek Records LCRSCD 009, 2008)
B-Joe: Mexico - radioedit (Little Creek Records LCRSCD 008, 2008)
B-Joe: Good time for Losers - Album (Little Creek Records LCRCD 003, 2008)
B-Joe: Good time for Losers - radiosingle (Little Creek Records LCRSCD 007, 2008)
B-Joe: B-Joe (911 records, Germany 10047, 2007)
B-Joe: Sounds of The Healing Island (Little Creek Records LCRCD 002, 2007)
B-Joe: Jeg kender mit land (Little Creek Records CD-Single LCRSCD 006, 2006)
B-Joe: ...og jeg har savnet dig (Little Creek Records CD-Single LCRSCD 002, 2005)
B-Joe: Dybet/Oktober (Little Creek Records CD-Single LCRSCD 001, 2004)
B-Joe: Danselabyrinten (Little Creek Records LCRCD 001, 2004)
B-Joe & The HeartAches: Eyes of a Child (Olafssongs CD-single OSCD 029, 2003)
B-Joe: Summer of Love (BMG CD-single, Germany, 74321389, 1995)
B-Joe: Oh Ma (Olafssongs CD-single OSCD 027, 1995)
B-Joe: Summer of Love (Olafssongs CD-single OSCD 026, 1995)
B-Joe: White, White Roses (Olafssongs CD OCD 031, 1995)
B-Joe: If You Wanted (Olafssongs CD-single OSCD 025, 1995)
B-Joe: Dirty Sheets (GSE CD/MC, Germany, GSE 5215-2, 1994)
B-Joe: Brand New Start (GSE CD/MC, Germany, GSE 5207-2, 1994)
B-Joe: Ready to Ride (Olafssongs OCD 024, 1993)
B-Joe: Ready to Ride (GSE CD/MC, Germany, GSE 5206-2, 1993)
B-Joe: Lies (Galahad CD-single GAL SCD002, 1993)
B-Joe: Don't Wanna Lose You (Galahad CD-single GAL SCD001, 1993)
B-Joe: Ready to Ride (Galahad LP/CD/MC GAL 001, 1992)
B-Joe: B-Joe (Elektra LP 050891, 1991)
Azurit: Heartrock (Cianana MC 007, 1990)

Set List

Mostly original songs from our albums.
This is our list for the upcoming weekends gigs:

Rep. B-Joe / Krudttønden Kbh. 13/11-2010

40 days
Before it’s too late
One more time
Shine on
One of these days
Little Angel
A Brand New Start

Down that line
Rock’n’Roll Junkie
My Friend
Good time for Losers
All the Nights
My Angel
Alright Now