B. John Burns

B. John Burns

 Johnston, Iowa, USA

John Burns has been writing songs for 40 years. With guitar in hand or seated at the piano, he relates his life experiences to an audience from a journal composed of his 3,000 to 5,000 original tunes. Through them all shines his unique sense of humor.


John Burns wrote his first song in the fall of 1972. In the mid-70s he toured the United States with Baby Lester and the Buggybumpers. In the 80s and 90s he played keyboards in bands such as Goodnight Dallas and The Shirts. Today, however, he plays all John Burns originals, influenced by everyone from Chopin to the Beatles to Willie Nelson.


John Burns wrote, "The Other Side of Your Heart," released by Lisa Gossett on Network Records in 1978. His song "Five Small Towns" is featured on the White Pole Road self-guided tour CD. In the opening ceremonies of the 23rd Annual Linda Vista Multicultural Fair, John performed his song, "3000 Houses in 300 Days", which chronicles the origins of the Linda Vista neighborhood in San Diego.

Set List

John Burns likes to play a single two- to three-hour set from a list of about one hundred original songs. Here's a list of titles:

Ain’t That Enough Tomorrows for Today?
All of a Sudden I’m 50
Altarboy Mojo
Aren’t You Even Gonna Lie?
Back to Haunt Me
Boys Without Dates
Cedar Fire
Darrow’s Courthouse Pub
Don't Flirt With the Married Guy
Doin’ Life On The Installment Plan
Dreams from My Father
Ego The Size Of Mexico
Every Man Has Only One Revolution in His Heart
Everybody Lies on Their Resume
Ferry to Coronado
Five Small Towns
Fourth and Two
Full Night’s Sleep
High-Priced Attorney
How Can Everyone Know the Truth (and Still Disagree)?
How Many Bites Do You Get?
I Didn’t Choose You
I Had a Dream About You
I Looked At You
I Meant it Every Time
I See the Signal
I Want to Talk to You
I’d Have Stayed
I'd Love to Hear My Own Advice
I’d Rather Be Numb
I’d Rather Have Your Sister
If I Could Be Like Bob Duvall
If I Had A Dime
If You Di