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Bjork Ostrom

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"Augustana College"

"Bjork was the perfect addition to our Friday night Coffeehouse as his intimate music captivated the audience."

"Bjork's voice, lyrics, and guitar come together, creating a unique, yet comfortable sound that appeals to any crowd. Aside from his amazing music, Bjork's personable aura enhanced his performance as he sought to connect with audience members. Bjork has a notable passion for life that radiates through his authentic music; the perfect combination for a star performer!" -


“He has a true rapport with his audience and everyone enjoyed the evening immensely. We hope to have him back to entertain there as often as his schedule allows. Our biggest problem is physically being able to accommodate the crowd that he draws.” - Warren Thunstrom

"Bjork Ostrom Performs at Bethel"

"Ostrom's laid back sincerity and earnest humor don't disappoint any more than the solid blend between his flexible voice and creavie guitar playing." - The Bethel Clarion

"Ostrom Graces PAC"

"Saturdays' performance saw a sunny mix of sounds resembling Jason Mraz, an up-tempo John Mayer and James Taylor minus the gloom." - The Cambridge Star


Sunshine and Starlight



Bjork Ostrom has performed with or along side:
- Matt Wertz
- Dave Barnes
- Shawn McDonald
- Ginny Owens
- Monk and Neagle

Not to be confused with the Icelandic singer of the same name, Bjork Ostrom traces the etymology of his Christian name to the Scandinavian word for birch tree, which as many may know, is a very versatile tree consisting of many intricate layers of bark that are addictive to peel away. This is the most fitting simile to Bjork’s style of music one could find. In his new EP, Sunshine and Starlight, we find that Mr. Ostrom has diverged from his solo acoustic act to add new layers of sound by utilizing a full-fledged band. While this adds new dimension to his music, it does not in any way diminish the solo acoustic sound where Bjork has his roots.

For those of us blessed to have attended one of his shows, we have been privvy to a most witty and entertaining stage presence. When not filling the time in-between songs with amusing antics, quirky jokes, and warm conversational banter, Bjork entertains by creating parodies of both contemporary and oldie songs. His ability to persuade audience participation is accentuated by the natural intuition that Ostrom possesses in reading the mood of the room. To say that his performance is three dimensional is an understatement.

Another component to the music abilities of Ostrom is his catchy lyrics. There is an aesthetic complex that is imbued in the songs: mountains touching the sky; the feeling of air in September; looking before seeing. Not one to take any detail for granted, Bjork even sings about counting down the mile markers on road-trips as a reference to how far away from home—or her—he is. One immediately recognizes the influence of relationships between his home, friends—and perhaps romance (who is she?)—contained within the lyrics.

Born in the semi-rural town of Cambridge, Minnesota, Bjork found his passion for music through trial and error. He discovered that playing the saxophone was taboo, the shakuhachi wasn’t a popular instrument in band, and his brother had a monopoly on the drum set. Ergo, he was forced to pick up the guitar…and never put it down. Although he learned the basics of the instrument through a few formal lessons, Ostrom honed his ability to play impromptu at hootenannies (musical get-togethers featuring a menagerie of every instrument under the sun) hosted at his cousins’ house with family and friends. Soon he diverged from playing at hootenannies to local coffee shops, and from there it was off to colleges and clubs.

Now in his third year at college, Bjork plans to mix his musical life with studies in retail merchandising. While it is unknown which is his backup plan, one can only speculate that with the release of Sunshine and Starlight, it looks as if the spotlight is now pointing in his direction. For those seeking a style of music that warms the heart and appeals to the natural foundations of human relationships and emotions, seek out this young man and his up-and-coming career. One can only hope that retail merchandising is set aside, at least for now, in lieu of the talent that this creative twenty-year-old possesses.