Big Kitty & the Scaredy Cats

Big Kitty & the Scaredy Cats


A rip-roaring mix of swingin' country blues with equal parts jazz, rockabilly, bluegrass and honky tonk. Driven by searing lead vocals from the front feline, plenty of sweet and dirty full-band harmonies, monster slap upright bass action, and wailin' licks from dueling axemen.


Say Hola! to Big Kitty and the Scaredy Cats, Brisbane's sneakiest genre-splitting sensation. Seen us at Satchmo's? Got down at Greazefest? Tracked us to the Troubadour? Wandered by Wintersun? Mooched into Maggie Black's? Boogied at the Brisbane Blues Fest? Gumbootstomped at Gympie? Then you're already in on the secret...

The Big Kitty sound is a rip-roaring mix of swingin' country blues with equal parts jazz , rockabilly, and honky tonk, driven by searing lead vocals from the feline herself, plenty of sweet and dirty full-band harmony vocals, monster slap upright bass action from Machine Gun Matt, stompin’ sticks and wit from JV, and wailin’ licks from dueling axemen. One of the rare Queensland outfits fronted by a double-X-chromosome-endowed temptress, the band plays several rockabilly, blues and country originals penned by BK and the lads. In addition the five-piece draws its other influences from, and pays tribute to, an eclectic group of trailblazers, as well as dropping in the occasional entertaining surprise for the punters, so that a Big Kitty gig provides a sneak peek into the crossover talents of its jazz-, rockabilly-, blues- and country-trained (and festival-, road- and pub-honed) line-up.

At a Big Kitty gig you can expect to be entertained first and foremost, with a vivacious and cheeky stage presence, fluent musicianship, a few stunts for good measure, and vocals to make even the hardest hearts weep.


Debut Album "Hola!" independent release 11 August 07
Local and regional blues, jazz and country radio airplay for "Hola!"
Inclusion on compilation CDs such as Wintersun Festival CD 2007, Gympie Muster Blues Compilation 07, Cruzin' Magazine's Compilation CD 2008.

Set List

Repertoire of approximately 80 - 120 blues, country, rockabilly and jazz obscure covers as well as a swiftly growing register of originals (country, rockabilly, swing blues).