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Bob Knows Best

Lakewood, California, United States | SELF

Lakewood, California, United States | SELF
Band Comedy Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Bob Knows Best: Bringing Back the Genre of Rock Comedy"

Rock Comedy: it's a genre that has been looking to make a comeback but needed just the right band to help it on its way back to the front line. Well look no further, Bob Knows Best is just the band that the doctor ordered. Most bands when they attempt to go for comedy one aspect of their music suffer; either the musicianship or the comedy. In recent years it has become rare to find a band that has been able to master both areas equally. With vocals from Scott Carri and Graham Scott that have a blend better than most choirs you have ever heard, a solid back bone delivered by Mark Adams on the drums, amazing leads by Sean Roberts, astounding bass lines delivered by Grady Hutt, and Edmond Devore playing a mean washboard and bringing back the return of the cowbell; it's obvious that this lineup alone is a recipe for success.

The Bob Knows Best live show consists of not only musical genius but brilliant comedy that will leave you laughing for days. The lyrics from their songs are enough to stand on their own but in addition to a wonderful hour of musical genius the audience also received cleverly planned on comedy routines one of which included a drunken Santa Claus stumbling around the stage as the band performed "Santa Got DUI" as well as the routines of pure comic gold between every song. In addition to be comic geniuses, their wittiness can only be compared to that of Monty Python. And the songs themselves are unique and like nothing you have ever heard. They have a song called "Free Sex" that sounds like something straight out of the 20's era….. but I don't think you would hear anyone back from that time frame saying "you're mom's a whore." And a song that is a fan favorite is "The Reach Around." There aren't many bands brave enough to venture into such topics and that is a big part of what makes this band stand out. This band isn't afraid to push the envelope or cover any topic which is something that is needed in a time when the world seems so focus only on what is politically correct. And it would be impossible to leave their show without feeling this overwhelming sensation of happiness and laughter, the perfect way to end a bad day at work. And for the lady's (and some of the men out there) this group of men isn't hard at all on the eyes either. In fact, I would even go as far to say that they have twenty different types of hotness going on.

If you haven't experienced a Bob Knows Best show you truly are missing out. But don't worry there is still a chance to catch them soon! January 27th Bob Knows Best will be playing at The Studio Suite at 48723 Whitsett Ave in Studio City and January 28th at Din Din at The Bamboo Terrace with Plastic Parachute in Costa Mesa. It won't be much longer before this band makes it to the top so take advantage of this opportunity to check them out for free! Also, you can keep track of other upcoming gigs at

So come down to the show, relax, grab some drinks and as the song goes, "why don't you go and have yourself some free sex?"
- Punk Globe Magazine

"Trainwreck and Bob Knows Best at Di'Piazzas"

When I interviewed Kyle Gass, he challenged me to help fill this gig at DiPiazza's in Long Beach. As it turned out, the band needed no help. The place was packed with Trainwreck fans who rocked along with the band from the opening theme to a cover of "Whole Lotta Rosie."

Preceding Trainwreck was a local band called Bob Knows Best. If you have never seen this band (this was my first time), you need to check it out. This is a 10-member band that incorporates not just guitar, bass, and drums, but also trumpet, sax, trombone, digeridoo, kazoo, and harmonica. While a lot of the songs are about sex, the styles of the songs range from ragtime to an emulation of Rage Against the Machine. - Examiner Los Angeles


Bob Knows Best - Gets Their Hair Did
Bob Knows Best - Live at the Troubadour (EP)
Bob Knows Best - A #1 Ancient Chinese Food Fight (EP)



Legendary guitarist Frank Zappa once asked, “Does humor belong in music?” If Bob Knows Best has anything to say about it, the answer would be “Absofreakinglutely!”

Bob Knows Best’s humble beginnings started in a small theater in downtown Fullerton, CA in 2005, where a few acting buddies got together to play music for an after party following a theatrical stage premiere. After receiving cheers, applause, and general hyperactive encouragement for their performance, Bob Knows Best, or BKB for short, took their brand of “off-kiltercore” comedy music to local venues all over Southern California; The Troubadour, The House of Blues: San Diego, Molly Malones, Club Good Hurt, Di'Piazzas, The Anarchy Library, The Stardust, The Gypsy Lounge, Hogue Barmichaels, and The Blue Café have all been exposed to the shenanigans of the sextet. This lineup of silly miscreants is lead by the diamond-studded diaphragm vocal stylings of dual lead singers Scott Carri and Graham Beightol and supported by four string fiend Jamison “Bass” Iovine, axe wielder/master of the glass and steel finger Ernesto "Kool-Aid" Mora, full-time skin beater Mark “Freak-Out!” Adams, and percussionist/exhibitionist Edmond Devore “The King of Excitement”.

In 2007, BKB had the chance of a lifetime: an opportunity to take part in the preliminary stages of Season 2 of the Bodog Music Battle of the Bands, which aired on Fuse. Pummeling huge crowds of local fans with side-splitting musical laughter, BKB made it all the way to the semi-finals, which took place in early 2008 at the House of Blues: San Diego in front of a panel of music celebrity judges, including Pinch, drummer of The Damned, who thoroughly enjoyed their performance. Sadly, no one in TV-land was graced with the pure awesomeness of these memorable BKB live shows. Due to legal issues with the Bodog Brand, Bodog Music was completely disbanded and the second season never aired.

2008 would only further propel BKB into new heights. Following a successful showcase at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, the boys started recording an EP in June at The Compound, a studio in Signal Hill known for their work with The Mars Volta. After careful, meticulous art planning, mixing, and mastering, along with assistance from their producer Phil Romo, bassist of LA band Intercept, “A #1 Ancient Chinese Food Fight” would be released to the public in late 2009 to pure ecstatic enthusiasm.

2009 also saw BKB play a dynamic performance at the Orange County Fair, a perfect example of how Bob Knows Best uses theatrical dynamics, unique costuming (in this case, classic wrestling characters), and energy to capture an audience. Fittingly, they played on the Main Stage right across from the Al's Brain exhibit.

Currently, Bob Knows Best is performing in venues all across the Southwestern and Northwestern United States to show music goers that costumes, props, wild stage antics, unusual instrumentation like cowbells, washboards, accordions, and didgeridoos, and yes…even humor…belong in music.