Bukkake Daydream

Bukkake Daydream


Experimental, jam, funk, soul, punk, noise band from San Antonio Texas just released their debut E.P. “Delusions of Grandeur” on Araxia Records. Blending multiple genres, a musical equivalence of schizophrenic paranoia, and an enthralling live show, BKKDD have cultivated a growing fan base!


End of Summer 2006

Ralph, Awol, Jeremy, and Nunez start jamming and putting songs together. Joe plays bass for a few weeks before Devin takes over.

Fall 2006-
Snake replaces Devin on bass. Jeremy gets seriously ill, we lose touch and never jam with him again. Matt Reyes replaces Ralph for about a week, then goes M.I.A..

Winter 06-07-
Old Friend M.C. takes over on vocals, and Jared Keller takes over on drums.

Winter 2007-
Travis replaces Jared on Drums. The band starts recording 1st demo tracks. Beverly, Im not trying to kill you!, Disco porno, Axis of
Holy Numbers, and the soft opening
are among tracks to be recorded with Travis on drums. The lineup consisting of Snake, Awol, M.C., Nunez, and Travis would last till late summer.

Spring 07-
First show in late March at Ruta Maya. Play Corpus Christi w/Raze Earth in May.

Summer 07-
Travis moves back to Baton Rouge. Justin takes over on drums. The day after he officially joins the band, He has a bicycle accident and tears his acl. Totally immobile and needing major surgery, The band recruits friend Chad Gonzales to fill in for upcoming shows throughout July, August, and September. During this period The band does covers of
Beastie boys Heartattack man, Radiohead's You and Whose army?, Sexy Sadie by The Beatles, and In the flesh by Pink Floyd..

Fall/Winter 07-08- Justin slowly recovers, we play a bunch of great shows, and record some more demos that never see the light of day.

Winter/Spring 08
The band starts recording their first E.p. and Justin is replaced with Matt Reyes (who came back out of nowhere). Of course after recording
one song "From High Rises", he gets gravely ill goes to the emergency room, and ends up being out of commission for weeks. Chad agrees to help finish the record and once again saves the motherfucking day!!!! Three Quarters into the recording Snake retires and is Replaced by Victor.

Summer 2008

In June The band releases the "Delusions Of Grandeur" EP on Araxia Records, playing all over S.A. and ATX. The album showcases material from late 2006 up until the time of recording (spring 2008).

"Sounds like chimps on P.C.P."

-Ralph Jezzard

Best of luck to our dear friend M.C., who as of late summer has relocated to the east coast!

Fall 2008-

"Experimental noise rock is the best way to describe Bukkake Daydream, a S.A. foursome with a diverse, spontaneous sound. The music moves at a frenetic pace but frequently descends into downtempo, trippy grooves that are definitely the bands strength. They recently released their first EP, Delusions of Grandeur, and the title track exemplifies what the band is capable of.

-San Antonio Current

"If you try and get a handle on BKKDD (ask them to explain the name) you might walk away with a sprained wrist. The quartet runs the gamut from atmospheric pop/rock and psychedelia to all out noise. The band is working with its debut EP "Delusions of Grandeur."

-San Antonio Express News Weekender

BKKDD play first show with new singer Jeff on Halloween

Bukkake Daydream will be writing and recording throughout fall and winter.

Cast of Characters:

Travis- Himself
Jeremy- Himself
Joe- Second To None
Ralph- Filthy And the Muff Divers, Plan B Pursuit, Given A Chance
Devin- Mike,Devin, and Lance
Matt R- A Beautiful Saga, C.O.L.
Jared K- All Your Fault
Justin- Doomsday Conspiracy
Vicrot- Social Decay, The Red Light District
Chad- C.O.L., 23 In the Pants, The Kleptos
Snake- Feaze, 23 In the Pants
Nunez- Feaze, 23 In the Pants, The Klepto's
Awol- Feaze, The Klepto's
M.C.- Feaze, Blackout
Jeff- Suspiran


Delusions of Grandeur (EP)

Set List

Waves In triplicate
From High Rises
Agree to Disagree
Beverly, Im Not trying to kill you
Delusions Of Grandeur
The Little boy who lives in my mouth
Escape from planet

All Songs from the EP with improv jamming througout set, and some newer material being worked on for next EP.