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Hottest Professional Rap Producer in 2007 !!! Got B-Koolyn?


1989 B-Koolyn begin to DJ for the clubs. His career took a sudden dive. He was convicted on Involuntary Manslaughter. While doing time B-Koolyn decided to finish school. He learned Basic Music Theory and Notation. He then begin to study to play the keyboard. He always had tunes running through his mind, and in turn he would release those tunes in the form of musical compositions. After his release in 1997, he vowed never to return to the system. He continued to develop his craft and educate himself on the music business. Now he has created a large demand for his music and has generated some Major interest at Universal Records, DopeHouse Records, Lantawood TV and several Artist like Playa Fly, 334Mobb, etc.
His inspiration comes from Producers like Timbaland, P Diddy, Jazzy Fay, and LIL John.
B-Koolyn Plans to continue building contacts and creating an even larger demand for his music. He is currently being played on the Uncle D's morning show at myspace in the first rotation slot every day every week! He plans to work with Slip-N-Slide Records.He is loyal and professional with his work.7-days a week, for 12 hours a day he is working on tracks. He is currently producing an R&B Singer and business partner LIL E. (myspace.com/lileldra or sonicbids.com/eldrawalters ). You can watch B-KoolynÂ’s progress on myspace.com/bkoolynproductionz. Feel free to add or message him. Got B-Koolyn?


Beat 001-090 and growing!

Set List

Produced the following songs for Da' Reappa' :

Deep In Sin
Diary OF A Reappa'
Fallen Angel
Ghetto fab
Holla At Me
Own Supply
U Don't Know
Wasted Time