Blaack Bottom Street

Blaack Bottom Street

 Anchorage, Alaska, USA
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A twist of the south with up north lyrics. Carrying a message of motivation while keeping it down to earth with a realistic perspective of today's young adult.


Born Andre Williams, Jr, on August 1, 1984, in Frankfurt, Germany. Son of PFC Andre Williams and Barbara Cade, Blaack grew up in Tignall, Georgia. The oldest of seven children, Blaack learned early on the skills necessary to survive on very little living on Black Bottom Street. Due to family problems, in 1994 Blaack and his younger brother (Quinn) moved to Alaska to live with their father.

Initially, Blaack attended Bethel Regional Middle School in the remote village of Bethel, Alaska. He then moved to Anchorage, Alaska two years later to complete his education at Central Middle School, Bartlett, Save and Colony High Schools.

By 2000, Blaack had not only lost his mother, but also his grandmother and one of his younger brothers all of which had lived on Black Bottom Street in Tignall, Georgia. To honor their memory, Blaack decided to adopt the street name as his alias. Although the original street name was Black Bottom, Blaack decided to make it more distinct by adding an extra letter "a" to make the name “Blaack Bottom Street".

Blaack enlisted in the Army and by 2004 was deployed for one year to Salerno, Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom). Blaack rapidly achieved the rank of E-5 (Sergeant). It was during this deployment that Blaack wrote half of the song later to be titled "When You Come Home". After leaving the military in 2006, Blaack decided to travel to Hawaii and Georgia and now currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska.

Blaack has always had a passion for music and became even more passionate after moving back to Alaska. After hours of hard work and dedication he wrote the second part of "When You Come Home". "When You Come Home" became one of the most requested songs on KFAT 92.9 and No.1 for three (3) consecutive weeks. This was the first time a local artist had accomplished this feat. The hit single also has over 100,000 hits on YouTube.

Blaack had always thought his path and passion in music was with gangster rap and pursued that path relentlessly. However, everything changed in Oct 2011 when Blaack was blessed with a message from the Holy Spirit. Blaack knew at that moment that money over everything could not be his life-style anymore. He also knew that what he has felt for a long time was indeed true. That he was destined to do something better in life. That he was suppose to make a difference.

Blaack decided it was time to make a change. He would only make inspirational and positive music. Music not only pleasing to his Heavenly Father but also uplifting to his people. Blaack understands that words are powerful and that music ministry is very important. His lyrics will contain no profanity yet keep the aggressive spirit and heart usually displayed in his music.

Blaack feels that if he can change, maybe he can change others through his lyrics because positive messages motivate the world to make positive changes. Blaack calls this "Bridging The Gap". A bridge between the positive and negative. Bringing the love of God to his music and to others.

In January 2011, Blaack was named Hip Hop Artist of the Year at the Alaska Music Awards.

In June 2011, Blaack was presented The Platinum Humanitarian Award by Our Commitment, Inc. The award is given to individuals who have shown continuous efforts in serving their communities.


When You Come Home

Written By: Blaack Bottom

Some soldiers that’s in Iraq
Don’t really know why they there
Don’t really know why they fighten
So really why would they care
All they know is that’s a year
Separated from peers
Come home and they lil kids
Might not even know who they is
So gon and raise your right hand, Iraq or Afghanistan
Beef with the crips and bloods
Or beef with the Taliban
Aint really against it
I speak my fellin through music
Know that none of us like it
But someone gotta do it
Just me, my M16, my squad, my magazines
We soljas killen possers
Upholden united dreams
Remember day fo I left
Ready to start a riot
But didn’t I kept it quiet
I knew we’d be reunited
Them busters awoke a giant
When they decided flyin into our towers
Would give them a pass into Zion
Middle East in the streets
You made them haters believers
You might not know but we see ya
Thank yall for our freedom

Crazy how ammunition
Teach u about tradition
Leave no one behind
Even with they permission
Rpg’s expolden
Can’t wait till the nights over
Not civilians but we soldiers
Flag on my right shoulder
Made a vow when I raised my hand
To take it to any man
Take it to any land
Dat try my American
I gotta new family and I don’t mean uncle sam
Sergeant major my granddaddy
First sergeant my uncle now
Platoon is my cousins
My squad my sisters, my brothers
The whole brigade is my battle
We go to war for each other
One shot, one kill. Stay alert, stay alive
Cover me while I move
Always look in yo eyes
Stop hatin on Obama
Yall really do need to quit
It took years to mess the nation up
It’s gon take more to fix
All I know is U.S.
In God We Trust
Drop the period out U.S.
And that spell us


HitSingle "When You Come Home" - ATB 2 - was the first song by a local artist to gain radio airplay on regular rotation on KFAT 92.9. The single was No.1 for three consecutive weeks on KFAT. It was the first time in the station's history that this was accomplished by a local artist. The single remained in the top 4 most requested songs on the #1 radio station in Alaska for two months. This song also has 100,000+ plays on Youtube as of Jun 2011.

9/23 - "When You Come Home" selected to enter rotation on internet radio station Atlanta Movement Radio.

9/30 - "When You Come Home" selected for final stage of the Festival4Stars International Songwriting Contest.

2/12/2011 - "When You Come Home" was the winner in the R&B Hip Hop category at the eWorld Music Awards held at SIR Studios in Hollywood, Ca.

05/05/2012 - The Transition - The first of Blaack's Christian based music.

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