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that loud pack (on itunes)
pop off(single)on itunes
back rattle(single)radio play
in da city
homicidal thoughts
big faces
switch up
Pole World(single)
I Got Money(ft young Buck,stixx izza)
Grindin For A Mill



I would like to introduce to you Larry Lavell Kent, PKA Blaak Child. Born, Friday July 2, 1981, in Chicago, Illinois where the talent is as fierce as the wind. As a child he was bred to sing, dance, and have music in his soul. His grandfather Willie Kent, has always been his inspiration and fuled his love affair for music. He was the lead bass guitarist of a blues band called,"Willie Kent and the Gents". Growing up, music was a pro-dominate part of his life that went hand and hand with everyday living, like food and water. His upbringing is the reason for his undying love to create music. As a teenager he was involved in "step" dance groups but always yearned to create the music that he was dancing to. As far as Blaak Child is concerned, he is determined to fulfill his destiny and share his music with the world. As blaak child grew older he has had several idols such as Rob Base, Eazy-E, too Short, Ice Cube, Michael Jackson, and the greatest of all James Brown. All of his inspiration comes from his life experiences. When Blaak child graduated from High School, he moved out and migrated to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Where he fathered his first born. For the past three years he has put his pen to the pad and his lips to the mic for this love of his. He has been involved in three compilation CD's along with other local artists, and has almost completed his solo album. He has oped for well known rappers such as, Twista, Sly Polaroid, Young Buck, Gorilla Zoe, and Yong Joc. He has visions of himself as a rolemodel for the youth and a voice for the parents. He wants to build his legacy so that his music will touch and inspire his children and many other people just as his role models inspired him as a child.