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Blac Boi

 Senoia, Georgia, USA
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Blac Boi was born and raised in Senoia, GA also known as LSP or Hustle City. He started making music when he was 16 years old. He first started off by just making beats on a small beat machine until he ran into his partner Mixboi. It didn’t take long for Mixboi and Blac Boi to develop a musical chemistry that would one day be destined for greatness. Mix Boi showed him how to use all the tools necessary for making beats and now Blac Boi is constantly making beats for not only his own records, but others as well.

By the year 2008 had hit, Blac Boi had appeared on multiple tracks that came from the soundtrack of the movie "The Stickup Kids". In 2008 he also had been working with DJ Nice on some projects. DJ Nice had saw how the young producer/artist had been working and thought that it would be good for them to do some musical collaborations. So with that in mind, they got started on a project, and Blac Boi eventually had two of his tracks on the “4mydjs” mixtape.

In 2009, opportunity came knocking again. Soon after dropping his debut album “Hate To Love Me”, Blac Boi noticed the moves being made by a certain label. The label had noticed him as well. A local record label in the area known as 2-Tears Entertainment had been making moves across the state of Georgia, and the entire Southeast. Blac Boi knew many of the members, and it just seemed like a family situation for him to continue his dream of stardom. The two sides made it happen and now 2-Tears Entertainment not only has some the best artists in the game, but also some of the best producer/ artists in the industry.

Curently Blac Boi has appeared on one of the UK's top artist's album, Stevie Hoang, which includes the hit single "One Night Only" and 'Six In The Morning". He has also been on tour in the UK for which he performed in front of packed out crowds every night for months at a time. He continues to drop mixtapes and has begun preparations for a new album. His collabs include working with artists like Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka all the way to independent artists who just want the pleasure of working with a talented producer such as Blac Boi. He continues to build a strong fan base for his musical talents.

His new hit song, “Drop It Down” featuring Mixboi is quickly gaining steam around the country and looks to be a certified party anthem for people all across the globe. He also hooked up recently with Stevie Hoang again to give the world “Tell Me Why”. Its another hot song from Blac Boi and Stevie. He has begun work on other 2-Tears projects also, so be on lookout for Blac Boi and his whole movement!!!!
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