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I was a writer/Performer on the 2004 LP Ric-A-Che Lack Of Communication.
2007 LP release "Hunger pains"
2007 Single release "Terrible"



Blac Jackson, Meet La Vell A Jackson Jr. AKA: Blac-E-Blac, one of the chosen few, to rise from the ashes of a crash and burn take off. Born and raised in the gutta streets of the Crooket I (Inkster, Michigan). Home of The Marvelletts and Motown's first Gold Record. Straight out the projects know as Lil Saigon(Demby Terrace), 10min. Outside of Detroit, Slain County (Wayne County). On these hard streets growing up watching all my Fam, murder or get murdered, Hustle and go to jail for life. Being raised in that type of environment, I really learned a lot about the streets the struggle and survival. After coming so close to being another lost cause, I made up my mind to make a better way. Well As you may know, there are a lot of people that don?t go to church, but they do believe in God. The people that need people like me, the voice for the poor. I can come in and free their minds on their level. Then as they feel and relate to me, is when I have a real chance in helping anybody. Raised in a single parent home, turned out to the hood, I am a product of the streets. Mind of a go getter, heart of a thug, soul of an activist. I'm a stand up type of guy, real, loyal, trustworthy, a day 1 getter. See, everybody want to be the man, but ain't no I in team, I'm a team player. If I eat, we all gone eat. That?s just how it is. I don?t have friends, I have Fam Fam. 1life, 1luv, 1God. The music that I make is a reflection of what I been through, learned, and hope to become. Only God can judge me and it ain't no limits to where I can take it. I don?t have to walk around screaming I'm a thug. If it?s in you it?s going to show. I started out recording in the hood dj?s (Raydio Ray) home studio. Talent shows, school functions, parties, whenever their was a chance to rock the microphone, I was on it. I got my first big show as a member of the group 728(Rat pac). We opened up for R.B.L Possie in June 1994. The following year I put out my first tape(Organize Crime) With Rat Pack group members, MafioZo and Raydio Ray. And from there the trend did not end. I was apart of the Detroit Hip Hop award winning album (Inktown Illest 2). On July 23, 2002 I was featured on the front page of the Detroit News Paper, as Metro Area Talent. I was bless to grace the stage with big name artist such as MC Breed, Naughty By Nature, Goodie Mobb, Do or Die, AZ, X-Zibit, Akon, Amanda Perez, David Banner, B.G. (B-Gizzle), Mr. Big, Lil Scrappy, Lil Flip, Murphy Lee, Pitt Bull, Emon, and more. As I traveled across the U.S.A. on tour with Universal/Motown recording artist Ric-A-Che and my group D.I.M. (Do It Major Lc.) I was blessed to work with major producers such as Dj KnoBody, Nomad, and Ez Lp. While I was on tour getting paid to do something I love to do. I sometimes got calls from back home, about another childhood Fam fail victim to the hood, dead or locked away. This only made me focus that much more, and try that much harder to make a positive impact in my life and the life of others around me. Being me is easy, I am the hood. Being like God is a challenge, I'm a sinner That won't give up. Shout out to all the DJ?s everywhere, you play the biggest part in the music biz, but the most under rated. Much respect 1-luv.