Blac Hollywood

Blac Hollywood

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Ever wondered whats beneath the top 40 music?


While many artists fail to express themselves creatively or are scared to experiment within there musical talents and means, Blac Hollywood manages to do exactly that, experiment.

Vancouver, BC Boy Blac Hollywood born November 14, 1991(age 20), has always had a knack for music. “My household always played Congolese music, daily” explains Hollywood, who grew up in an African household before moving on his own to Vancouver in early 2011.

Equipped with nothing more than a desktop PC and a condenser microphone, he started posting music on his Facebook to generate feedback and input.”I was rapping at first, but then I stopped. I also stopped showing up to university classes and took time to learn how to make beats on FL studio. I started my own classes.” Jokes Hollywood who has now mastered his blend of electronic music which he has called Dreamwave. A clean blend of high reverberant sounds and dreamy splashes of high hats and resonating sound effects.

“My influences range from all spectrum’s of music, artists such as: Daft punk, Kid Cudi, Egyptian Lover, The weeknd, illengalo and Dot the genius.


Circus & Dreams Ep out now download at