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Black Pyre

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Metal Black Metal




"Winter Solstice - Album Review 8/10"

Black Pyre: Winter Solstice (Self Released)

Amidst all the gloom and doom of 2020, something dark has been brewing in the fringes of the South Walian permafrost. Having finished 2019 with a live release of their impressive set at Winter Eradication, the band hunkered down in their ice caves to craft their debut album. The results are exciting.

Black Pyre’s earlier work in the shape of The Forbidden Tomes EP was a statement of intent. The first of their dark, atmospheric black metal to be committed to CD, it was a great start, but Winter Solstice sees an organic growth and surge in the band’s music. Bolstered by the recent addition of guitarist Olthigor Doombeard, Black Pyre have slowed things down, adding depth and emotion to their frantic blast-beat driven assault. Hiraeth for example, shows that you don’t need to be balls out to be heavy. The introduction of some atmospheric short pieces (Pale Apparition and Underworld) provide texture and demonstrate the maturing song writing.

The title track is another example where Black Pyre have chosen to step off their already well-worn path in the name of exploration. There are still ample walls of tremolo riffing, with drummer Dominus de Octopus a ferocious blast beat merchant, but there is more feeling, depth and a maturity to Black Pyre’s music on this album. The subtle differences between opening song Aeon, which is perfectly placed, the mighty title track, Permafrost and Ave Sathanas are noticeable, with the use of slower yet no less powerful tempos, keyboards and switches in style all adding appreciably.

What Winter Solstice shows is that Black Pyre have very much moved into the upper levels of UK black metal. The confidence that has come from their relentless enthusiasm and gigging is evident, the band displaying a swagger that can only come from those who are slowly mastering their craft. Sure, there is the odd rough edge, and the production is slightly on the raw side, but other than those extremely minor niggles, Winter Solstice is a fine debut release from a band who are rapidly becoming one the most exciting outfits on the South Wales circuit. If you are a fan of South Walian metal, you owe it to these brothers in darkness to get onto Bandcamp and pick up a copy. 8/10 - Musipedia of Metal

"Winter Solstice Review 9/10"

An absolutely stunning achievement, they’ve managed to capture their band so well on this record. Definitely the best thing that they’ve produced so far and one of the best Black Metal albums I’ve heard this year. I’ve always liked this bands music, their progression as artists is growing and they are on a path to becoming bigger and bigger. This album will surely take them there, it has got everything and exceeds expectations.

9/10 - Heavy Metal Molotov (Chris N.)



Black Pyre are a 3 piece metal band from South Wales, which create black metal inspired by the old school sounds of Greece and Norway. They utilise all of the trademark features in black metal such as blast beats and trem-picking and combine it with melodic riffs and an evil presence.

The band was formed in late 2017 by guitarist and vocalist Asbjorn who began writing riffs and ideas almost immediately. Later in 2018 he was joined by drummer Dominus and shortly after by bassist Kjottflate. This began the main songwriting processes, and by the end of 2018 they were able to begin work on their first EP.

In 2019 Black Pyre released their first EP, The Forbidden Tomes after extensive recording in the winter of 2018. The Forbidden Tomes was heard all over the world and gathered attention from both fans and critics alike - landing the band a spot in the metal magazine Metal Hammer as well as receiving an award from Global Metal Apocalypse. This EP and media attention certainly grew the presence of the band within the UK black metal scene and the worldwide underground scene. Additionally, The Forbidden Tomes enabled Black Pyre to tour extensively in 2019 supporting bands such as Uburen, Necronautical, Trivax, and Wolvencrown.

Furthermore, in 2019 Black Pyre were joined by guitarist Olthigor.

As a final culmination of 2019, Black Pyre played Winter Eradication festival on the Winter Solstice in support of Norwegian band Arvas (formerly Orth) and at the festival recorded their raw cult live album "Live at Winter Eradication 2019". 

Then in 2020 Black Pyre entered the studio to begin work on their first full length release. They recorded extensively at Asbjorn's home studio, with Kjottflate recording bass remotely, and then recorded drums at Longwave Studio with the help of Engineer Tim Vincent. The album was then mixed at Asbjorn's home studio.

Then finally in Nov 2020 Black Pyre released their much awaited debut album, entitled "Winter Solstice", which was very highly praised by critics around the world. It received commendation for its crystal clear sound, thunderous basslines, icy riffs, as well as featuring all real drums.

Sadly in 2022 Olthigor departed to pursue other interests. 


Asbjorn - Lead Guitars, Vocals

Dominus - Drums

Kjottflate - Bass

Band Members