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Black Trans Am

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Duo Rock Country





"The first decision any band must make when starting out (barring discussions on band names and matching outfits) is what genre of music they want to make. Sometimes you want to take an old sound and bring it into the modern times, making something completely new along the way. Other times there's no point fixing what ain't broken. With their debut EP, "Real," duo Black Trans Am has opted for the latter, crafting a release that can genuinely be described as nothing other than quality rock music.

That's not to say that their music is unoriginal. On the contrary, Black Trans Am has managed to come up with a distinct flavor that they can then take and sprinkle into whatever style of rock that they want, while still flowing smoothly from song to song. Lead singer Bill Davidson's crisp vocals ring with energy, coming from a place of true intention and power. Delicate harmonies cut through on songs like "Sunrise," often in back-and-forth with guitarist Kenny Weiss' clean licks tucked delicately behind them. Weiss also gets plenty of time in the spotlight to shred, particularly on "Dreamin'," the voracious closer. Influences are noticeable and numerous, yet hard to pinpoint on a track-by-track basis. Fans of Van Halen, KISS, Warrant, Motley Crue and similar bands will definitely be able to find something on this release that they can get behind.

With as much effort the pair has taken to craft their musical image, the songwriting has certainly not suffered. Their lyrics come from a place of absolute honesty, something you unfortunately can't say about most music being released today. "I don't have to know it's perfect, I just have to know it's real," Davidson wails on the title track's chorus. Storytelling skills shine through the most in "Promises Malibu," weaving a narrative of addiction and half-hearted attempts at recovery through a heavy southern vibe.

It's clear that Black Trans Am is just getting started, carving out room for a classic sound in a modern age. In a time where every emerging group is racing to craft their own sub-genre, it's refreshing to see talented musicians take a style they respect and not attempt to completely reinvent it." - Billy Rafael

"Best Rock EP"

'From the moody ballad of 'Sunrise' to the haunting rocker 'Promises Malibu', Real is a triumphant rock EP with a uniquely compelling vibe to each song.' - The Akadimia


Still working on that hot first release.



Black Trans Am is a duo rock group based in Greensboro, NC. Members include Kenny Weiss and Bill Davidson. Bill Davidson spent 18 years as a staff song writer in Nashville, TN. During his time in Nashville he had songs recorded by Mark McGuinn, Corinne Chapman, Georgette Jones and many other independent artists along the way. Bill was also a guitar and banjo player for McGuinn and other artists that kept him on the road for years in all major country markets across the U.S. Bill has enjoyed being a regular with McGuinn at the Grande Ole Opry and appearances at the Ryman. During the Summer of 2012, he moved to Greensboro, North Carolina and found Kenny Weiss, a music student at a local college. Kenny has an up-bringing in blues and gravitates toward that "Texas Blues sound" which makes him a great fit for their respective styles. Kenny was raised in Connecticut but he plays like he was raised in the South. Kenny and Bill started playing gigs together and soon started writing their own material. Finding that they clicked, Kenny and Bill began to go back and forth to Nashville to write and record their project with the likes of McGuinn and other hit writers that Bill has worked with over the years. The music that is found on their first EP is merely a taste of what they can do. They already have a back log of songs waiting to be produced in the future. Bill and Kenny want to give their fans the best music possible because they deserve it! And they love their fans.

*All songs are written and produced by Black Trans Am*

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