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miyakojima, Okinawa, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

miyakojima, Okinawa, Japan | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Funk





Marino Ikemura
2009 Graduate from Kurashiki Sakuyo University: Pipe percussion instrument major. In the same year, starts a career as a free lance musician mainly around Kansai where she learned many of her music background.
2011 Move back to her hometown, Miyako Island, and joins Black Wax and 脈 Myahk Records.
2012 Release 1st album, “NAAK NEE”, produced by Makoto Kubota 2013 Release 2nd album, “BANG-A-MULI”.
In the same year, participates as a saxophone player in
HAKASE-SUN’s 7th album, “Reggae Spoonful” and “RADIO MYAHK” by Blue Asia, both produced by Makoto Kubota, and TAXI SAUDADE’s 1st album “JA BOSSA”.
2014 Release 3rd album “Vudu-Eee” in June.

Mikio Okuhira
2000-2004 Move to mainland Okinawa where he plays as a main musician at Live House Milestone. He releases an album
by the name of “Gold Rush” and three albums,V.A, from the indies label.
2005 Move back to Miyako Island where he begins making music by programing.
2006 Travels several countries worldwide including Australia. 
2010 Begin playing as an official member of BLACK WAX.
2011 Joins 脈 Myahk Records in Miyako Island.
2012 Release 1st album"NAAK NEE", produced by Makoto Kubota. 2013 Release 2nd album,"BANG-A-MULI", produced by Makoto Kubota. 2014, Release 3rd album, “Vudu-Eee”, produced by Makoto Kubota.

Ayano Ikemura
Begin playing classic piano at the age of 6. With her music background, she graduates 2000 from music academy and starts her career playing in a house-band for 5 years mainly around Kansai area. She then shifts her career as a free lance for 7years.

2012 Move back to her hometown,
Miyako Island and joins 脈 Myahk Records and BLACK WAX.
June 2013 Release 2nd album, “BANG-A-MULI” and becomes an official member.
June 2014 3rd album, “Vudu-Eee” is Released.

Ogino '88' Tetsuya
Born in Osaka and begin playing blues harp during junior high school.
As a part-time high school student, his first visit to Miyako Island gave him a culture shock. His desire to live in Miyako Island made him pass the transfer examination and transfers to Miyako High School.
With the support of the local musician, Satoru Shimoji, begins his live performances both in and outside of the island.
Participates as a harmonica player in
Satoru Shimoji's album - 2004 ”Bokuno shima” / 2007 ”Matida” /2012 “MYAHK”.
Oshiro Tomoya's Album-2006 ”Inochino Hana”

2007 3rd place in “I.H.C Blues Harp” sponsored by HOHNER
2009 Participates with harmonica in Mini Album
by TOKYO MOOD PUNKS, “Strawberry” produced by Lily Frankie 2010 Harmonica participation in
Otowa Shin / “OTOWASHIN 2”, produced by Makoto Kubota.
2011 Joins 脈 Myahk Records in Miyako Island

2012 Opens Ukulele School “HOME ALOHA”. As a Ukulele and a Base
Player, he plays with Yuki Alani Yamauchi and Kei Nishisato.

2012 Release 1st album, "NAAK NEE" produced by Makoto Kubota.

2013 Participates with Ukulele in
HAKASE-SUN’s 7th album, "Reggae Spoonful".
2013 Participates with Ukulele in “RADIO MYAHK” by Blue Asia 2013 Release 2ndalbum, “BANG-A-MULI”
2014 Release 3rdalbum, “Vudu-Eee” -


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


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