BandHip HopR&B

we are an unmatchable group of emcees and deejays with versatile styles and tons of different types of beats. we can battle or just make/perform good music!


black is a mixture of different people from texas. we are sick of people here that aren't doing things right. everyone wants to make money, we just want to make good music. sure it will be nice to make some money from doing this but we are not trying to become millionares over night...we want to WORK for our respect. we want to travel to everyone's city and let them hear us and cop our cds. we want people to know who we are bc of the high quality music we produce. we've been influenced by stupid people and others who think they can tell us how to work in this business. we plan to prove them wrong.


we have a self titled EP right now. we are in the process of writing/recording a full length and our vinyl is in production. the vinyl is a joint venture with two other texas artists (we each have one song on it. ours is entitled "Lone Star State").

Set List

we usually do a 30 - 45 minute set consisting of
1. black, 2. attention please, 3. you rap, i dont care!, 4. nerd rap, 5. 7th heaven, 6. lone star state, 7. our djs have a set together, 8. masterpiece, 9. club song.