Black Aces

Black Aces

 Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, AUS

Black Aces are from Country Victoria, Australia. We play straight up Australian Rock And Roll. We tour Australia Constantly, Have toured Europe/UK and are set to release our debut album in the next couple of months! Now is the time to jump on the Black Aces train!


From the first note to the last it is clear BLACK ACES are here to make a statement! Pounding out blistering rock n roll that you canĂ¢€™t help but bang your head and punch the air to, you will find it hard to leave a BLACK ACES show without a smile from ear to ear. 

Hailing from Country Victoria the ACES set about crafting the sort of band that they had been longing to hear, a fire breathing, chest beating, rock n roll band! Drawing inspiration from classic Aussie rock bands such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, The Angels and Cold Chisel.


Single - Ain't Got A Heart To Break (2012)
Burning Alive (2011)
Drinking You (2011)

E.P - On The Rocks (In Progress)
Self Titled (2011)

Set List

Ain't Got A Heart To Break
Blood On The Tracks
On The Rocks
Drinking You
Take Me To The City
Russian Roulette
Burning Alive
Take It To The Wire
Love Taker
Soul Stealer