Black Acid Souls

Black Acid Souls


Aggresive yet hard and soft all at the same time 1 of the most atmospheric bands with driven guitars, aggresive singing, rockin riffs and all out passion that make this band a must see.


Meet the new genre of metal mayhem. We've mixed old school rock and metal with a twist of the new and vocal argh, harmonic guitars and leading riffs and a bass line to die for. It's driven by you and played by us. Well, back in October last year (2006) a band called Jagged was playin 1 of there last gigs decided to invite 2 members of a band called budacaan along and have a chat. 2 weeks later B.A.S. was born into the world, and at that first practice we had written a song lyrics guitars and everything. Straight away we all realised that we all just click. Aggresive vocals and drums with cool rockin guitars with a lot of diversity with the tunes we have written. we have come up with something everyone will love. The atmosphere that is created on stage with guitar harmonies and sometimes leading bass riffs everyone gets exited and just can't help joining in. We have been influenced by ACDC, Metallica, Pantera alike and will continue to write tunes for all rock genres.
We have been heavily writting tunes of which we now have 12. Come and join in you will be suprised.


We've recorded Live versions of Porn Star, Flat line, Rise up and Turning tricks just put them on numberonemusic to show the world we are here.

Set List

We have a set list of 12 songs,

War two sugars
Fires of Hell
Rise Up
The meaning of life and Death
On the run
Porn star
Flat line
Daisy does
Black Acid Souls
Turning tricks
Three ways to get wasted

All songs together lasting around about an Hour