Blackamore & Company

Blackamore & Company


We play classic rock/hard rock. If AC/DC, Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin collided together the result would be the music style of Blackamore & Company: Classic Rock Resurrected for the 21st Century.


Two kids known as the neighborhood punks finally got sick of ding-dong ditching and stealing the neighbor’s cars. They decided to make better use of their time and do something with their lives. Both being former metal lovers, Cole and Alex got along great and had quickly become best friends when Alex moved across the street from Cole. As they developed musically, they decided that they didn’t want to follow the road that everyone seems to be traveling. Wanting to be different and original, they agreed to go classic rock/hard rock.

Cole Blackamore started playing guitar when he was only eight years old. Being ambidextrous Cole quickly learned to play guitar right or left handed. Cole is the lead singer of Blackamore & Company. He not only writes the music but he directs it as well. When he isn’t singing or playing his guitar, Cole is quite the cut up and keeps everyone laughing. Growing up Cole listened to Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and some AC/DC. He had some great music stored up in him when he began writing his own lyrics and laying down the guitar with a solid classic rock crunch and a hard rock scream intending to take the world by surprise.

Alex Zokaei has been playing drums for six years but hearing him you would think about fifteen years. Idolizing John Bonham and looking up to Peter Chris, and Carmen Appice, Alex loves to show off his creativity and thunderous playing ability by being the backbone of the band. Alex can be shy and to himself, but don’t let that fool you. When he plays his drums, he comes alive to make the walls shake and your ears bleed. I think it’s safe to say that very soon Alex will be showing Bonham, Chris, and Appice how it’s done.


Were working on our demo. We have some of our music uploaded on our In addition our music can be heard on

Set List

We perform all original music. Our sets are generally 45 to 60 minutes long.