Black & White Jacksons

Black & White Jacksons


Distortion fueled DC rock quartet with a penchant for melting faces. We've often been described as "the new Fugazi". Instead, we prefer to think we're bringing sexy back. You decide.


Post punk/post indie rock/post office/post-it notes


Self-titled 6 song EP released 02/29/2008

The entire thing can be heard on:

Set List

There Are No Foxholes In An Atheist
Man of Choice
Fight or Flight
Keep Calm & Carry On
The Cloth We Are Cut From
Don't Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight
Id vs. Super Ego
Racing Horse
Brat Dance
In Parentheses
Marvin Berry
Battery Orchestra

"Be My Baby" - by The Ronettes
"Aneurysm" - by Nirvana