Black Angel

Black Angel

 Santa Clara, California, USA

Black Angel is a blues based rock 'n' roll band in the vein of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The band has played at such venues as The Roxy, B. B. Kings Blues Club, The Coach House and the Fleet Week in San Francisco featuring the Blue Angels air show. Black Angel is an original band that has also played in a number of Rolling Stones tribute concerts.


Black Angel began in Santa Barbara, California in 1999 with Audrey (Mrs. Ike Turner) on vocals and Ronnie Turner (son of Ike and Tina) on bass and J. C. Martin on guitar, vocals, as the chief songwriter and the producer. The band played many of the major Los Angeles and Santa Barbara clubs (The Roxy, B. B. King's Blues Club, The Coach House- San Juan Capistrano, Rusty's Surf Ranch, The Martini Lounge, The Gig, Luna Park, The Creekside Inn, The Wildcat Lounge, S.I.R. record company showcases, The Scientology Celebrity Center, 14 Below, etc.). When Audrey Turner and Ronnie Turner left the band to return to Ike Turner and the Rhythm Kings, the band continued live shows and recording. The band released the album, "O' California" in December, 2006. The album, "O' Santa Barbara" in May, 2007 and the final album of this three album trilogy, "O' Los Angeles" was released in July, 2014. The band moved to San Francisco in 2011 and now has J. C. Martin as the lead singer/guitar player; Rubin Ray on guitar; Mike Stever on bass and Pat Woods on drums. The band has garnered interest from major record label and from a number of major, nationally distributed independent record companies. Black Angel's music is being heard on college radio, independent radio stations, on internet radio stations and on major European stations. The band has played in front of as many as 20,000 people on a number of occasions (Fleet Week in San Francisco with the Blue Angels air show; the Oakland Marathon and Oakland First Fridays).


"The Prophets" (with Audrey "Mrs. Ike Turner) EP album
"13 Stories" CD album
"Real Music for Real People" CD album
"O' California" CD album

"O' Santa Barbara" CD album

"O' Los Angeles" CD album

"Pleasuredome" CD album

"Hard Livin', Hard Times" CD album

"Go Bernie Go" (benefit album for Bernie Sanders)

Set List

We can do anything from a 45 minute, all original show to four or five sets of cover songs. We recorded two Rolling Stones cover songs with Audrey (Mrs. Ike) Turner that were released on our original album, "O' Santa Barbara". 

We have over 100 original, recorded songs and we can play songs like:

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Brown Sugar

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Sharp Dressed Man

Honky Tonk Women