Black as Day

Black as Day


Intense, Powerful, and Haunting. It is a must hear and see, in order to grasp the full spectrum of what is being dealt!


Black as Day burst onto the music scene in early 2005 with their raw, in your face and uncompromising breed of metal. Musically, the songs are unpredictable and alive, pulling the listeners in with razor sharp hooks and magnetic riffs. Seth's impassioned fretwork and crushing riffage add color and depth to Raz's vocals, creating melodies and arrangements that burst from the speakers with vitality and originality. Combine that with the monstrous eclectic drum rhythms of Ja-sin, and the Massive low-end bass attack from Rich, and you've got the sickest songs ever written, guaranteed to require a prescription!

However, the songs alone will not give you the full effect of the ailment that is Black as Day. Their live show brings unrivaled intensity to the stage, forcing the listeners to FEEL the music instead of simply just hearing it. During the annual day-long Atlanta metal festival known as "Sludgefest" in 2006, Black as Day unleashed their first two song sampler free of charge to the hungry crowd, which began building a buzz for the group almost over night. The guys would then tour for the next year in support and preparation for their 2007 official debut, self titled 5 song EP; which catapulted them from "local band" to one of the southeast's premier live music acts.

They hit the road once again for their first regional summer tour and have never looked back. With extensive amounts of show dates spanning the southeast including Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina and their home state of Georgia. The guys have even found themselves heating up the stage and setting the aura for well known national recording acts like Rikets, Souls Harbor, Dope, and Hemlock just to name a few. They've corrupted and polluted the minds, hearts and souls of thousands of fans that have been gained with the true grassroots style one person at a time. Along the way, they were even able to secure several sponsorships and endorsements with different companies including Sik-World out of San Diego California, S.I.T. Strings from Akron Ohio, Spector Bass Company in Saugerties New York, Road Ready Rack Cases out of Santa Fe Springs Ca, Basson Sound Equipment in Carlsbad Ca, and most recently Dickies Clothing in Fort Worth Tx.

Now ready to unleash their emotions once again, Black as Day is heading back into the studio to record what will become their first full length album, The Consequence of Compromise, set for release of spring 2009. The guys are looking forward to gaining a broader fan base, more recognition and sponsorships in the times to come.

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Black as Day-Self titled 5 song E.P.

Full length album-The Consequence of Compromise due out spring of 09'

There are several internet and radio stations that have us on rotation.

Set List

A typical set for us runs about 45 minutes long, depending on the club. If we have too, we can do some covers, we can do, Tool, Korn, Mudvayne, Deftones, Rage Against the Machine, etc. Our songs/set are as follows;

Shit Fuck
L.O.C. (loss of control)
Burried Alive
Juliet is Bleeding
Satan-(the unicorn song)