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"Blackbag got a winner at indie award in Korea"

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"Blackbag hope to perform at Glastonbury Festival and Simson Featuring"

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"Jisan Rock Festival have a interveiw with Blackbag"

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"Blackbag, their 2nd Concert Coming up soon"

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EP 'Beyond The Sky' 2012



Black Bag, The rising star of 2012, was formed in 2008.

The band consists of MinwooJang(vocals and rhythm guitar), Jeff Lee (lead guitar), HyezeeLee (bass) and TaewookGu(drums). In spite of yet being a start-out band, this group has formed their own unique sound and style that makes people think twice about how long they've been playing.

Their music is always experimental and sometimes somewhat daring with new ideas. Black Bag writes various type of music. From stories about the social world we live in to minor everyday tales, Black Bag's music covers various contents that many people can refer to in their own lives.

A 'black bag' is very common and it can be seen very often. However what each people carry in those bags are very different to one another. Like a common 'black bag', The Black Bag's music can be understood in many different ways. Respecting the difference in the way each people think, Black Bag's music lets each audience listen and interpret in their own ways. Reaching out to each individualities.

The group has been playing in many known live clubs around Hongdaeand festivals such as JisanValley Rock Festival, SsamzieSound Festival and Seoul Fringe Festival. They have also released an unofficial self produced EP album 'Into Our Memory's...'. Making opportunities when it's not given and showing everything they've got when it is given, Black Bag's passion and daring mind is starting to be recognized all around.

Black Bag was also nominated in SangSangMadang'sBand Incubating program. Even with all these activities, the better days are said yet to come with expectations of this band's career being very high.

They released they first official EP album, 'Beyond The Sky' on January 11th of 2012.


[Festival and Media CF Appearance]

2012 |
IncheonRock City Festival
Green Plugged Festival
Blooming spring days Festival
Seoul Music Festa

SIEG Photo Interview Appearance
ProspecsTV CF Appearance
Campus 10 Photo Appearance

2011 |
DaejeonSound Festival
KT&G; NewbandCompetition Winner
SsamziOrganic Festival
Seoul Fringe Festival
JisanVellyRock Festival
U-DAY Festival

2010 |
PentaportRock Festival